Statement Archive for August 2019

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2019-08-01 Malaysia must never allow kleptocracy to make a come-back, whether in its old form or in the guise of klepto-theocracy or klepto-democracy Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-01 Urge Zakir Naik to act positively on Anas Zubedy's Open Letter to leave Malaysia voluntarily Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-02 Youths must dare to have big dreams to achieve greatness for the country and to right the wrongs and injustices in society Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-02 Ticked blue by leader of klepto-theocracy preferring Mahathir as PM because he isn't easily influenced by DAP Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-03 Too much obsession with the Prime Minister issue when Malaysians more interested whether the PH promises of a New Malaysia of unity, freedom, justice, excellence and integrity can be fulfilled Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-03 I will not become a second Jho Low, an international runaway from law and order and fugitive from justice Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-04 Malaysians must develop a new self-confidence, a new 'Malaysia Boleh' spirit, to exorcise the contrived or imaginary fears and demons so as to achieve a golden age for Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-04 Kita semua haruslah membina suatu keyakinan diri yang baharu, satu semangat Malaysia Boleh, untuk kita melawan segala momokan dan ancaman yang dibuat-buat bagi mencapai era kegemilangan untuk Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-05 I have never said that one must learn Jawi to be a Malaysian - all I said was learning Jawi did not 'make me any less of a Chinese, and may have helped in making me more of a Malaysian' Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-05 Bapa borek, anak rintik - if Kelantan PAS Youth had understood my statement which was in simple language why I supported Anas Zubedy?s Open Letter to Zakir Naik to voluntarily leave Malaysia, it would not have made the invitation Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-06 Why did MSC fail but Bangalore succeed in becoming a second Silicon Valley? Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-07 Malaysian must buckle down to deal with economic and educational problems which have hampered the country's growth potential Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-11 DAP will be defeated in Iskandar Puteri parliamentary seat and would lose 30 to 40 per cent of our votes in the country if election is held now, and we need time for the people to realise that the DAP has not betrayed them or that we have not given up on our objective of a New Malaysia of unity, freedom, justice, excellence and integrity Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-11 DAP akan kehilangan kerusi Parlimen Iskandar Puteri dan mungkin kehilangan sejumlah 30 ke 40 peratus undi jika pilihanraya umum diadakan sekarang, kita perlukan masa untuk rakyat menyedari yang DAP tidak pernah mengkhianati mereka mahupun melupakan matlamat bersama Malaysia Baharu yang berteraskan perpaduan, keadilan, kebebasan, dan integrity Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-12 Malaysian authorities should not allow foreigners to abuse their privileges of becoming a Permanent Resident to create inter-racial and inter-religious tension and conflict in the country Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-13 Mahathir wrong to brand Dong Zong as ?racist? but Dong Zong was not right to claim that Jawi lesson for Chinese/Tamil primary school Std. 4 Bahasa Malaysia subject from 2020 was beginning of Islamisation Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-13 Perdana Menteri, Dr Mahathir Mohammad salah melabel Dong Zong sebagai "rasis", tetapi Dong Zong juga tidak betul apabila mendakwa pembelajaran tulisan Jawi bagi mata pelajaran Bahasa Malaysia Tahun Empat di sekolah rendah Cina/Tamil bermula tahun 2020 sebagai permulaan Islamisasi Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-14 Let all Malaysians celebrate the 62nd National Day with resolve, confidence and commitment to build a New Malaysia of unity, freedom, justice, excellence and integrity to make Malaysia a top world-class nation Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-14 Semua rakyat Malaysia wajar merayakan Hari Kebangsaan ke-62 dengan penuh keazaman, keyakinan dan komitmen untuk membina Malaysia Baru yang bercirikan perpaduan, kebebasan, keadilan, kecemerlangan dan integriti demi menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara bertaraf dunia Lim Kit Siang
2019-08-14 Zakir Naik has compounded his abuse of Malaysia?s hospitality by attacking the Chinese Malaysians as ?old guests? after attacking the loyalty of the Indian Malaysians Lim Kit Siang