Statement Archive for May 2018

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2018-05-01 14GE on May 9, 2018 is the “last mile” for Malaysians, who have been waiting for 61 years for political change – for a change of Prime Minister, the Malaysian Government and national policies for the fulfillment of the Malaysian Dream Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-01 Reject UMNO/BN on May 9, 2018 to Save Malaysia from a kakistocracy now that we have become a global kleptocracy Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-01 Najib has no equal as the best actor in Malaysian political arena Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-01 Xi Jinping is a great China President but a foreign visitor to Malaysia would think that Xi Jinping is contesting in Malaysia’s 14GE Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-01 I congratulate Rafidah for a most fantastic explanation why there must be a change of Prime Minister, Malaysian Government and national policies on May 9, 2018 – Old ginger is spicier Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-02 If Mahathir is anti-Chinese, why MCA leaders were prepared to serve under him as MCA Ministers, MPs, State Excos and State Assembly reps for 22 years? Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-02 Nobody is interested in Arul’s fairy tales but Najib should step forward to account fully for the 1MDB “kleptocracy at its worst” Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-02 Five historic changes in 14GE on May 9, 2018 Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-03 I have never accused Najib or UMNO of being anti-Chinese, anti-Indian, anti-Buddhism, anti-Christianity or anti-Hinduism and they should stop making wild and false allegations that DAP and I are anti-Malay and anti-Islam Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-03 Five days to decide whether there will be the first change of the Malaysian Government in 61 years Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-04 “Six-in-One” for the May 9, 2018 General Election Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-04 May 9, 2018 is the third time in Sabah history to return power to the people after 1976 and 1985 Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-05 The single biggest issue in 14GE on May 9, 2018 is whether Najib continues as Prime Minister or is ousted from Putrajaya Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-05 Visit to eight states and 28 parliamentary constituencies in 7 days to urge voters to change the Prime Minister, Malaysian Government and national policies detrimental to Malaysians and Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-05 Will May 9 accomplish what was intended five years ago today, 5th of May, to achieve a “3 in One” to change the Prime Minister, the Malaysian Government and national policies which allowed Malaysia to become and remain a global kleptocarcy? Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-06 Call on 15 million voters to vote for parliamentary candidates who are committed to full probe of 1MDB scandal and ensuing action in the 14th Parliament – whether as government or opposition MPs Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-06 For first time in Malaysian history, Malaysian Dream of a united, harmonious, democratic, progressive and prosperous Malaysia becomes the basic goal of a general election Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-06 Don’t give patriotism a bad name by claiming that defending 1MDB scandal and Malaysia as a global kleptocracy is an act of patriotism Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-06 Three questions for Najib Razak Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-07 Najib and UMNO must be defeated in 14GE because they have betrayed the trust of the Malays and Malaysian by making Malaysia into a global kleptocracy Lim Kit Siang
2018-05-07 Open letter to 15 million voters Lim Kit Siang