Open letter to 15 million voters

Dear 15 million Voters of Malaysia,

The 11-day 14th General Elections is coming to an end tomorrow on midnight on 8th May 2018.

The fate of the nation and the future generation of Malaysians are literally in your hands when you cast your vote on Wednesday, 9th May 2018.

Apart from Sarawak, you will be voting who will be your State Assembly representative and Member of Parliament. But even more important, and for the first time in Malaysian history for 61 years, you will vote who will be the Prime Minister and who will form the new Malaysian Government in Putrajaya.

You will in fact be voting for the next two Prime Ministers of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim if Pakatan Harapan forms the new Malaysian Government in Putrajaya as the PH Presidential Council has announced that Mahathir will be the seventh Prime Minister and Anwar the eighth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

On the eve of the historic 14th General Election, I ask the 15 million Malaysian voters to Save Malaysia and our future generations and not to save Najib and UMNO/Barisan Nasional.

Najib has betrayed both the Malays and Malaysians because he had turned Malaysia into a rogue democracy, forgetting his promise in Sept. 2011 to make Malaysia the best democracy in the world; and even worse, turned Malaysia into a global kleptocracy as a result of the 1MDB scandal, described by the US Attorney-General as “kleptocracy at its worst”.

May 9, 2018 is a “now or never”, “do or die” moment for Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, region or party affiliation to set Malaysia free from corruption, abuses of power, injustices and exploitation and to reach for the Malaysian Dream of Malaysians down the decades for a united, harmonious, progressive, prosperous nation which is a model to the world of how a multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-cultural could succeed in turning our differences and diversities into an unique national strength.

The three main issues in the 14th General Election are:

  • 1MDB scandal and Malaysia as a global kleptocracy;
  • Economic hardships of the people of Malaysia, in particular the GST; and
  • A battery of undemocratic laws and measures, especially the Anti-Fake News Act and the worst gerrymandering in the nation’s history with the Election Commission’s latest redelineation of electoral constituencies.

There have been systematic attempts by the UMNO/BN leaders, propagandists and quinoa cybertroopers to censor these three issues to prevent them from surfacing publicly in the 14GE, by resort to the politics of race, hatred and fear to create baseless fears as well as to incite unfounded hatred among Malaysians against Pakatan Harapan and DAP leaders.

If the first and the third Prime Ministers of Malaysia are still alive today, Tunku Abdul Rahman and Hussein Onn would be standing on the stage of Pakatan Harapan to Save Malaysia from becoming a failed, rogue and kleptocratic state. I had worked with both of them after they had relinquished the premiership for a Malaysia where there is democracy, rule of law and good governance.

Now we not only have Tun Mahathir leading the Pakatan Harapan campaign for political change, we have former UMNO stalwarts like Tun Daim Zainuddin, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz and Tan Sri Rais Yatim.

We have in the ranks of Pakatan Harapan today one former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir; two former Deputy Prime Ministers, i.e. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin; three former Finance Ministers, i.e. Daim, Anwar and Mahathir himself and the former Minister for International Trade and Industry for 21 years from 1987-2008, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz – patriotic men and women of experience, ability and commitment to ensure Malaysia can rise again as a respected and esteemed member of the international community!

Najib and UMNO leaders are trying to scare the Malays into continuing to give support to UMNO in the 14GE, warning that the Malays will perish if UMNO is defeated.

Najib and the UMNO leaders are wrong.

The Malays will not perish if UMNO is defeated in the 14GE – only Najib and the UMNO leaders will perish, if they are incapable of making use of the opportunity of a spell in the ranks of the Opposition to reform and make themselves relevant again to the Malays and Malaysians!

I have three questions for Najib.

Firstly, whether he would accept the results of the 14th General Election on May 9, 2018, if the Pakatan Harapan commands more than 112 seats, which is over half of the total of 222 parliamentary seats, as would have happened in other developed democracies. The Sin Chew Daily today carried a forecast by UMNO Veterans that Pakatan Harapan would win 127 parliamentary seats – a clear and categorical margin of victory for Pakatan Harapan to form the new Malaysian Government in Putrajaya.

Secondly, whether he would stay in Malaysia and would not flee abroad if UMNO/BN is defeated by Pakatan Harapan in the 14GE; and

Thirdly, whether win or lose, he would remain in the country and would not go abroad, to face all consequences, including the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the 1MDB scandal and his role resulting in Malaysia being regarded worldwide as a global kleptocracy.

Will Najib answer these three questions before voting close on May 9, 2018?

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader