Call on 15 million voters to vote for parliamentary candidates who are committed to full probe of 1MDB scandal and ensuing action in the 14th Parliament – whether as government or opposition MPs

I want to make a special call to the 15 million voters in the 222 parliamentary seats on Polling Day next Wednesday on 9th May 2019 – to vote for parliamentary candidates who are committed to full investigation of the 1MDB scandal and due process action against the corrupt and the culprits of the 1MDB scandal in the 14th Parliament, whether as government or opposition MPs.

Malaysians must speak loud and clear that they do not want to be tainted and smeared by the epithet of global kleptocracy, of having kleptocrats from the ranks of the 4Ps of pencuri, perompak, penyagak and penyamun as national leaders.

If by the next three days, parliamentary candidates are not prepared to demonstrate their full commitment to pursue to the bitter end those who were responsible for Malaysia suffering the disgrace, scorn and humiliation because of corruption scandals like the 1MDB scandal, then they do not deserve to represent the Malaysian people in the 14th Parliament.

In particular, Malaysia does not want a Speaker like Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia who serves Najib’s agenda by not allowing full accountability of the 1MDB scandal in the 13th Parliament, whether during question time or parliamentary debate, and I could be regarded as a parliamentary ghost where the Speaker and Deputy Speakers could not see me for the last six days of Parliament, although I attended Parliament diligently every day and was sitting in front of them.

MPs who do not mind Malaysia being disgraced and scorned in the international community as a global kleptocracy are no more than kleptocratic MPs, and Malaysia does not need kleptocratic MPs just as Malaysia must not continue to be global kleptocracy.

The time has come for the 15 million voters to ascertain which candidate does not mind Malaysia continuing as a global kleptocracy, so long as he or she can become an MP.

This is one of the important issues to be decided on Wednesday on May 9, 2018 – for Malaysia to be liberated from the epithet and curse of a global kleptocracy.

If the 15 million voters do not liberate Malaysia from the curse and epithet of a global kleptocracy, then Malaysians are condemned to be regarded by the world for the next five years as citizens of a global kleptocracy, undoing all the work of building up Malaysia’s international reputation and standing by the first five Prime Ministers of Malaysia for 52 years from 1957 to 2009.

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader