“Six-in-One” for the May 9, 2018 General Election

Earlier today on my arrival in Sabah, I visited Tenom to campaign for the DAP Parliamentary candidate Noorita Sual (at the same time campaigning for the two State Assembly candidates from Warisan, Peter Anthony for Melalap and Haris Ongus for Kemabong) and to Keningau to campaign for the DAP State Assembly Candidate for Bingkor Peter Saili.

I have just come from Luyang campaigning for the DAP Parliamentary candidate for Kota Kinabalu, Chan Foong Hin, and the DAP State Assembly Candidates Phoong Jin Zhe (Luyang) and Tan Lee Fatt (Likas).

I am now here campaigning for the DAP State Assembly candidate for Kepayan Janie Lasimbang.

Lets target a “six in one” for the 14GE in Sabah and Malaysia on May 9, 2018, viz:

  1. Support BN representing “Buang Najib” and change the Prime Minister;
  2. Support BBN representing “Buang Barisan Nasional” and change the Malaysian Government in Putrajaya;
  3. Change the national policies inimical to the interests of Malaysians, such as GST or on the 1MDB scandal which has landed Malaysia with the deplorable epithet of a global kleptocracy;
  4. Change the Chief Minister of Sabah;
  5. Change the Sabah state government; and
  6. Change the Sabah state government policies detrimental to the rights and interests of Sabahans.

Malaysians have been waiting for six decades for the opportunity to change the Prime Minister and the Malaysian Government. If we miss the opportunity to bring about such changes, it may be another generation or two before such an opportunity will come our way.

This is why May 9, 2018 is a “Now or Never” and “Do or Die” moment to bring about the “Six-in-One” political changes in Sabah and Malaysia.

Sabah is a very rich state with plenty of natural resources. Why has it ended up as among the poorest states in Malaysia with the worst poverty rates in the country, while a few people in power and their cronies amass fantastic wealth?

This is because of we have bad government, which does not believe in good governance principles where those who govern must be accountable to the governed.

The eleven days of the 14GE are the only days in five years where the ordinary Malaysians are treated like the bosses by the political leaders in government, when in a democracy, the people are the bosses and the political leaders the servants of the people all the time in the five years before the renewal of mandate in a general election.

The Barisan Nasional 14GE manifesto pledged to implement the Malaysia Agreement 1963 proposals based on consensus achieved in Barisan Nasional.

This is a real cop-out. What has consensus got to do with implementing the Malaysia Agreement 1963?

Consensus on the rights of Sabahans (and Sarawakians) had been concluded 55 years ago when the Malaysian Agreement 1963 was signed and sealed, and there is no need any more for consensus, but just to implement them.

If Pakatan Harapan wins the 14GE and forms the new Federal Government, we will implement the Malaysia Agreement 1963 without hesitation or compromise as the question of a consensus does not arise.

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader