It is not the UMNO Veterans who betrayed UMNO, but Najib who had betrayed UMNO and the Malays

During the 11-day 14th General Election Campaign from Nomination Day on April 28 to Polling Day tomorrow on 9th May 2018, I visited ten states and 35 Parliamentary constituencies to urge the Malaysian voters to effect a Malaysian political change for the first time in the 61-year history of the nation.

The 14th General Election is the first time in Peninsular Malaysia where the Malays, Chinese and Indians are most united with a common national goal – the change of the Prime Minister and the Malaysian Government in Putrajaya to re-set nation building policies and directions to achieve the Malaysian Dream of an united, harmonious, tolerant, democratic, progressive and prosperous Malaysia.

I had participated in twelve of the 14 General Elections held in the country since Merdeka in 1957, and never before had there been such a greater sense of common national purpose among the Malay, Chinese and Indian voters in Peninsular Malaysia than at present.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak had accused several senior UMNO leaders of betraying the party at the crucial moment on the eve of a general election.

It was not the senior UMNO leaders who betrayed UMNO, but Najib who betrayed UMNO and the Malays turning Malaysia into a kleptocratic state.

Now Najib has taken the deterioration and degeneration of Malaysia to the lowest-ever level in turning it into a kakistocracy – defined as “a government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power”.

Who would believe Najib in his TV3 interview yesterday that there were no Malays at Pakatan Harapan rallies, only DAP supporters?

Najib should know that the Chinese and Indians would not believe such lies and falsehoods, but did he really believe that the Malays are so easy to bamboozle and bluff and would believe Najib in his falsehoods?

Najib had under-estimated the intelligence of Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, in the age of information where information travels at the speed of light.

Let the Malays, Chinese and Indians, as well as the Kadazans and Ibans, let Najib know tomorrow that they are not such simpletons as to fall victim to Najib’s lies, false information and fake news.

The Police Special Branch (one of the best in the world) and the various intelligence agencies in the country would know that what Najib said was sheer balderdash, and would have advised him accordingly as I have no reason to doubt their professionalism and efficiency. Yet he could commit such bloopers!

This is another one of the many instances after dissolution of Parliament where Najib should be arrested and charged under the Anti-Fake News Act which carries the draconian penalties of RM500,000 fine, six years’ jail or both for concocting and peddling fake news.

Najib accused the crowds at Pakatan Harapan rallies as supporters bussed in from outside.

Let me inform Najib that for the past half a century since the formation of the party, DAP had never busseda single person to any DAP or Pakatan function, that this is another fake news for which Najib should be arrested and charged under the Anti-Fake News Act.

Najib questioned whether DAP was sincere in wanting Tun Mahathir as the Prime Minister to replace him in Putrajaya, asking: “Will they allow Mahathir to become prime minister if they win?”

Let me tell Najib that DAP is 100% serious and sincere, and Tun Mahathir would definitely and categorically be the Prime Minister to replace Najib when Pakatan Harapan ousts UMNO/BN from Putrajaya in the 14th General Election tomorrow.

This is a third fake news in one day which Najib had made, for which he should for the third time be arrested and charged in court under the Anti-Fake News Act!

The UMNO veterans hit the nail on the head in their charges against Najib and Najib’s UMNO.

Tan Sri Rais Yatim warned that UMNO will become history if it fails to reform but fears that it is already too late for the party.

Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz said that compared to a kleptocrat, “everyone is definitely holier”, in response to attacks that she not adopt a holier-than-thou attitude.

She made most novel justification for the change of Prime Minister and Malaysian Government in Putrajaya, likening Malaysia to a large house which provides shelter to citizens of all races and creed which is falling apart because of bad maintenance. She said that it is imperative that UMNO/BN’s five-year contract is terminated and the task is passed to someone with a proven track record like Tun Mahathir.

Former Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin is popularizing the “RABU” slogan – “Rakyat Akan Buang UMNO!”

When veteran UMNO leaders, including former Prime Minister and UMNO President for 22 years, Tun Mahathir and two former Deputy Prime Ministers, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin are now convinced that Malays can only be assured of their rights, welfare and future if the UMNO/BN government is replaced by a Pakatan Harapan government comprising DAP, PRK, Amanah and Bersatu, Najib should stop playing the racial card and treat Malays as simpletons who will believe all his lies, false information and fake news.

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader