October 2006


Khir Toyo exposes himself as a �half-past six� Mentri Besar


Strip Zakaria of Datukship


Will Mahathir be sacked from Umno or detained under the ISA?

28/10/2006 Abdullah should haul up the Tourism Minister and Kedah Mentri Besar
27/10/2006 Abdullah should demonstrate his democratic credentials
27/10/2006 Demand government response to EPU methodology
27/10/2006 Is Abdullah seriously suggesting that there is nothing wrong with his son getting government contracts
26/10/2006 Did the Cabinet take a decision to release the methodology and data used for the 18.9% bumiputra corporate equity ownership
21/10/2006 Malaysians should be more closely interlinked and intertwined to each other
18/10/2006 Happy Deepavali
17/10/2006 Is Abdullah toying with the idea of a massive clampdown on dissent
17/10/2006 EPU should give a convincing and credible rebuttal to a potent case
16/10/2006 Make public the methodology, data and all reports prepared in connection with Ninth Malaysia Plan corporate equity ownership
14/10/2006 What government has done with regard to recommendations of ASLI�s CPPS study to end marginalization of the new Indian underclass
13/10/2006 Najib should not force debate on corporate equity ownership underground causing four adverse consequences
12/10/2006 Dismal rankings of Malaysian universities
12/10/2006 Why the thunderous silence by Ministers after the Cabinet meeting yesterday over the Asli report
11/10/2006 Five critical tests to evaluate success or failure of Abdullah premiership
11/10/2006 Retraction of Asli report
10/10/2006 Malaysian universities can make quantum jump to be among world�s top 100 universities
10/10/2006 Will Asli buckle down to mounting political pressures
09/10/2006 Will another �gag order� be issued on public discussion on equity ownership if mounting pressures fail to get ASLI to withdraw the CPPS study
08/10/2006 Zahid Higher Education Report and its 138 recommendations to spearhead �an education revolution� been such a total flop and utter waste
07/10/2006 Call on government, political parties, NGOs and the civil society to commemorate the 50th National Day next year in a serious and meaningful manner
06/10/2006 Double shame for University of Malaya
05/10/2006 Khairy will be the cause of the downfall of the Abdullah premiership
04/10/2006 Abdullah should give the green-light for the arrest and prosecution of the 18 high-profile personalities for corruption
04/10/2006 Will MCA Youth leader Liow Tiong Lai and Gerakan Youth leader Mah Siew Keong first apologise to Khairy
04/10/2006 Building new Chinese and Tamil primary schools - stop being a political �football� for BN leaders
03/10/2006 Four MCA Ministers should focus their energies to amend the 2007 Budget
02/10/2006 Samy Vellu should be more careful in future not to make baseless claim
02/10/2006 Abdullah should clarify whether there was a formal Cabinet decision to reject snowballing calls for review of the 1988 judicial crisis
01/10/2006 Abdullah should create a special scheme to pay police higher than other civil servants