Statement Archive for June 2014

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2014-06-30 It is Muhyiddin who should resign as Education Minister and not the forced resignations of Prof Redzuan and Saifuddin from University of Malaya Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-29 At their first Cabinet meeting, will the three MCA/Gerakan new Ministers insist on Jamil Khir retracting two parliamentary statements on hudud and Malaysia not a secular state for flouting Barisan Nasional consensus and established policies or choose to keep quiet to keep their Ministerial posts? Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-28 Pakatan Rakyat will only be a one general-election coalition if it is unable to keep faith with Malaysians to give top priority to PR common policy framework and consensus Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-27 Let Liow and Mah prove MCA and Gerakan will be Umno’s equal in government by restoring original BN consensus and getting their first Cabinet meeting to disown Jamil Khir’s parliamentary statement that “Malaysia is not secular state” Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-26 Is Najib a secret admirer of the ISIL/ISIS jihadists? Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-26 Call on Najib to reduce his bloated jumbo-size Cabinet to about 20 Ministers in keeping with his Government Transformation Programme and the policy of “minimum government, maximum governance” Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-25 Rakyat Malaysia, ASEAN dan masyarakat antarabangsa sedang cuba memahami kedudukan bercanggah Najib sebagai pembela utama Wasatiyyah dan sekaligus pemimpin ASEAN pertama mengagungkan keganasan ISIS yang disifatkan terlalu ekstrem oleh Al-Qaeda sendiri Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-25 Malaysians, ASEAN and international community digesting the implications of Najib’s dubious distinction of being the first advocate of Wasatiyyah and the first ASEAN leader to glorify terrorism of ISIS which is regarded as too extremist even by al-Qaida Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-22 Recent revival of hudud controversy another deep UMNO plot to cause dissension and break-up of Pakatan Rakyat Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-22 MCA and Gerakan cannot dismiss Jamil Khir’s “Malaysia is not secular state” statement in Parliament as a personal view but must demand a retraction and a clear Cabinet and BN Supreme Council pronouncement that Malaysia is a secular state with Islam as official religion Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-20 Another fatal defect in Speaker Pandikar’s ruling that Malaysia is not a secular state was his sole reliance on Jamil Khir’s explanation and failure to canvass all views in Parliament on the controversial subject, including those from non-UMNO Ministers/MPs from BN Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-19 Pandikar exceeded his powers and functions when he passed judgment on the Malaysian Constitution ruling that Malaysia is not a secular state Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-18 UMNO Selangor motion on hudud implementation withdrawn as Selangor PR State Assembly members from DAP, PKR and PAS fully united and had decided to vote against UMNO motion in keeping with the PR Common Policy Framework Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-16 Sampai begini sekali rendahnya martabat Presiden MCA ke-10, mengidam kedudukan dalam Kabinet dan langsung melupakan kenangan dan perjuangan Presiden pertama MCA, Tun Tan Cheng Lock? Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-16 Is this what the 10th MCA President has been reduced to, hankering only after Cabinet positions but completely forgetting the memory and struggle of the founding MCA President, Tun Tan Cheng Lock? Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-15 Liow Tiong Lai should not try to bargain for more MCA posts in the impending Cabinet reshuffle by telling blatant lies without batting an eyelid about DAP leaders Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-14 Selangor UMNO motion on hudud is the third time MCA/UMNO played with fire over hudud issue in the last three months Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-12 Liow and Mah should seriously reconsider whether they want to go down in history as politicians who are prepared to be Ministers regardless of political principles Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-10 Liow Tiong Lai and Mah Siew Keong should ask Najib to put on hold any Cabinet reshuffle as MCA and Gerakan will not be part of Barisan Nasional Cabinet until UMNO can give undertaking that it would not push for implementation of hudud law whether at federal or state level Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-06 What would be the response of the authorities if there is a non-Malay Isma which openly attacked Najib as anti-Chinese or anti-Indian, out to wipe out the Chinese or Indians in Malaysia? Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-05 Teluk Intan – As we missed winning the Battle for the Moment, we must ensure victory in the Battle for the Ages Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-05 Najib should set up a Cabinet committee comprising Home Ministry, NRD and the various state Islamic authorities to provide speedy resolution and rescue from limbo a few hundred cases of Malaysians who were mistakenly registered as Muslims in birth certificates or identity cards Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-04 Selangor MB Khalid gives assurance there will be no repetition of Jais disruption of Hindu wedding Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-04 The greatest enemy to Najib’s 1Malaysia Policy are the cancer organisations like Isma which preaches the politics of hate, intolerance, lies and racism Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-03 Will Najib at the Cabinet meeting tomorrow put a stop to the Dyanaphobia which is beginning to sweep Muhyiddin’s Education Ministry Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-02 Call on Malaysians not to lose faith but to ensure the wafer-thin by-election loss in Teluk Intan becomes the stepping-stone to national victory for a new Malaysia tomorrow Lim Kit Siang
2014-06-01 If 400 outstation voters, or one per cent of the voter turn-out, had returned to Teluk Intan to vote, Dyana Sofya would today be the MP for Teluk Intan Lim Kit Siang