January 2009

30/01/2009 Liow Tiong Lai should leave from MCA duties to spearhead an all-out war against dengue
30/01/2009 900 cases of Umno money politics - Dare MACC tell PM and Rithaudeen they are wrong?
29/01/2009 Abolish UMNO - as no political will to eradicate corruption in the country’s most corrupt institution?
29/01/2009 Let Kugan not die in vain - entire Cabinet should resign if no RCI and IPCMC
28/01/2009 What are you waiting for, MACC?
28/01/2009 War on dengue - having new Health Minister if Liow ineffective as commander-in-chief
27/01/2009 2 caveats on MACC's independence, credibility and professionalism
24/01/2009 CNY Message - Can Malaysians regardless of race, religion or territory share a common Malaysian dream?
21/01/2009 Can Najib emulate Obama to embody change?
20/01/2009 Does Cuepacs’ Omar know what he’s saying?
20/01/2009 Dengue epidemic - Malaysia needs a real war and not a “phoney war” waged by spinmeisters
18/01/2009 Kuala Terengganu by-election – “308” political tsunami on course and a dire warning to UMNO and in particular Najib
14/01/2009 For starters, 5 reasons why MCA owes apology not only to Chinese voters in KT but to all Malaysians
13/01/2009 DAP challenge to MCA – KT debate on “Who should apologise – MCA or DAP”
13/01/2009 Almost daily reminder of deterioration of quality of life in Malaysia – whether in crime, health or education
12/01/2009 Disastrous TIMSS 2007 results - Hishammuddin's flippant and irresponsible response
10/01/2009 Malaysia's disastrous showing in TIMSS 2007 - time for Hishammuddin to break month-long silence
06/01/2009 KT voters - send a clear and unmistakable message of a national “sky change” in next general election
05/01/2009 KT by-election - Najib not campaigning as DPM and police should not apply double-standards
05/01/2009 Israeli invasion of Gaza - crime against humanity
02/01/2009 KT by-election - post-March political tsunami changes to continue or be blocked and even reversed
01/01/2009 I Agree with Chua Soi Lek - Liow not doing enough to inform Malaysians about a deadly dengue epidemic