November 2007

30/11/2007 Hindraf demo - Indian Parliament in uproar over Nazri's outburst
30/11/2007 Hindraf demo - Samy Vellu has only two honorable options
29/11/2007 Hindraf demo - BN Ministers and leaders should have at least 30% of Toh Kin Woon's sincerity and honesty
28/11/2007 High-handed police action at Hindraf rally � Indian diaspora reacts
28/11/2007 RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal - Chan Kong Choy still Minister-on-the-run
28/11/2007 Abdullah's threat to use ISA - nadir in 4 years of broken pledges on democracy, human rights, accountability, integrity
27/11/2007 RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal questions - why Kong Choy cannot give �yes or no� answers?
27/11/2007 Hindraf demo - Cabinet should offer olive branch and end all sabre-rattling
26/11/2007 RCI on Lingam Tape - test of whether Mahathir is right that Cabinet is "half-past six"
26/11/2007 Offensive Aljazeera interview on Hindraf demo - MIC MP Devamany owes public apology
26/11/2007 Moratorium on Syabas water disconnections which violate the fundamental human right of the poor to clean water
25/11/2007 Hindraf rally - excessive use of police force with firing of tear gas and water cannons
24/11/2007 Ambiga as commissioner to ensure credibility and legitimacy of Royal Commission of Inquiry
24/11/2007 IPCMC Bill - make public after Cabinet Wednesday to give MPs and civil society at least two weeks to study
23/11/2007 Lee Song Yong one-semester suspension - Mustapha should quash it so that Malaysian undergrads do not become zombies
23/11/2007 Hindraf rally - police should stop over-reacting, dismantle roadblocks and issue permit
22/11/2007 UPM�s one-semester suspension of Lee Song Yong - motion to cut salary of Higher Education Minister
22/11/2007 Ong Tee Keat has disgraced and insulted his own Minister, Mustapha
22/11/2007 Sothi vs Pokuan - MIC National VP should stop being a lout and unconditionally apologise for his boorish conduct
22/11/2007 Lingam Tape RCI - what actually did the Cabinet decide yesterday?
21/11/2007 Higher Education Minister and VCs must be held responsible for poor international rankings of Malaysian universities
21/11/2007 RCI on Lingam Tape - refusal to announce Cabinet decisions today do not serve the cause of public confidence
20/11/2007 Which is Malaysia's premier university? Nobody knows!
20/11/2007 Commendable candidates for RCI - Tunku Aziz, Raja Aziz Addruse, Param Cumaraswamy, Yeo Yang Poh and Chooi Mun Sou
20/11/2007 Shame of MIC MP challenging a woman DAP MP to "fight" outside Chamber - first time in Parliament in 50 years
20/11/2007 RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal - Chan Kong Choy on-the-run to London to escape further parliamentary scrutiny
19/11/2007 RCI on Lingam Tape - grave concerns as no consultation whatsoever and indications of restricted terms of reference
19/11/2007 Mustapha - is his priority to be international marketting officer for Malaysian universities?
17/11/2007 End NEP in universities - why Malaysia has fallen out of Top 200 Ranking
17/11/2007 Rashid knows when is next general election - why Chua Soi Lek so angry as to call him a "liar"
17/11/2007 RM4.5 million Belum complex collapse - pass-the-buck begins as Tajol blames Ramli Ngah
17/11/2007 RCI on Lingam Tape - hold your welcome with disturbing indication it will be very restricted inquiry
16/11/2007 The collapse of the RM4.5 million Perak State Park Corporation's two-storey administration building in Tasik Banding a sign of sheer public negligence
16/11/2007 RM70 million Brickendonbury Sports complex - bury idea and probe why RM2 million wasted
16/11/2007 Raja Nazrain very good choice as Chairman of RCI to restore confidence in judiciary
16/11/2007 Recognition of universities - Mustapha's very strange request to Chinese govt
16/11/2007 Emergency Parliament debate - RM4.5 million Belum complex collapse
15/11/2007 LingamGate - Give Rais' book "Freedom under Executive Power in Malaysia" to all Cabinet Ministers
14/11/2007 Lingam Tape - all three members of Haidar Panel unanimous in separately recommending Royal Commission of Inquiry?
14/11/2007 Check annual 4-figure brain drain of STPM and Chinese Independent Secondary School students
14/11/2007 Haidar Report on Lingam Tape - who is boss in Cabinet, Najib or Abdullah?
13/11/2007 Whether Cabinet is "half-past six" will depend on its handling of two major current issues tomorrow
13/11/2007 ASEAN must not allow Myanmar military junta to again indulge in "One step forward, two three steps backward" tactics
12/11/2007 BERSIH petition to King - acid test whether it marks the burial of Abdullah's 4-yr pledge to hear the truth
11/11/2007 Mammoth BERSIH gathering - People have spoken but will Abdullah listen or will he remain deaf, blind and mute?
10/11/2007 Challenge to Zam - Update regularly the RTM website on my blog postings
09/11/2007 Bersih Gathering/Petition to Agong - PM should show the world that Malaysia is a democratic country
09/11/2007 Khairy has made "Unhappy Deepavali" into "Angry Deepavali"
09/11/2007 Malaysia completely out of THES-QC 200 Top Universities Ranking - a national shame
08/11/2007 Hisham's keris-wielding - Is Abdullah PM for all Malaysians or just UMNO President?
06/11/2007 Hishammuddin�s keris desensitization and the Boiling-Frog syndrome
06/11/2007 In the six minutes sequel of Lingam Tape, Lingam admitted he was talking to Fairuz
05/11/2007 Will Abdullah dissolve Parliament in mid-session for polls?
04/11/2007 Cabinet should halt all temple demolitions - set up RCI on Kampung Rimba Jaya Sri Maha Mariaman Temple demolition
02/11/2007 Lingam Tape - will it balloon from judicial crisis into Abdullah's first major crisis of confidence?
02/11/2007 Fairuz is CJ no more, but crisis of judiciary continues - appoint RCI to end Haidar Panel charade
02/11/2007 RM27 million cop charged - call for end to "headless administration" and new RCI on Police