March 2006

30/03/2006 IPCMC - Bakri should resign as IGP for his opposition
28/03/2006 IGP's insurbordination on IPCMC - put it on Cabinet agenda tomorrow
26/03/2006 IGP's Police Day Speech on IPCMC - open defiance and insubordination of PM
25/03/2006 Failure of Hamid visit to Yangon - supend Myanmar from ASEAN
25/03/2006 Scrap UUCA review "internal committee" - appoint independent/eminent Malaysians
24/03/2006 Non-Malay under-represented in civil service - glaring NEP restructuring failure
22/03/2006 Abdullah losing the fight for the soul of his premiership
22/03/2006 Suhakam 2005 Report - Abdullah consideris proposal for Parliament debate
20/03/2006 Mustapha's first critical test as Higher Education Minister
16/03/2006 Pak Lah as Justice Bao?
16/03/2006 Cabinet recycle - failure in Cabinet reform
16/03/2006 Failure in Higher Education Reform
15/03/2006 Moorthy, Art. 121(1A), Memo by 9 non-Muslim Ministers, etc
15/03/2006 Dark clouds gathering on media front

MRR2 turf war � Samy Vellu won the battle but lost the war to PWD

15/03/2006 Reform pledge - Abdullah failed in his 29-month mid-term report card
15/03/2006 BN MPs are subsidy MPs from a subsidy generation
12/03/2006 World-class universities - "Let hundred flowers bloom" among academicians
10/03/2006 RM500 million outstanding sewerage debts - new water bills will not be used to force collection
10/03/2006 EC - withdraw "sweeping change" proposals to govt and submit to all-party conference
09/03/2006 Stinking water - Puncak Niaga/Syabas let off scot-free?
08/03/2006 EC - don't ban posters, ban money politics
07/03/2006 No more homilies, Pak Lah - action against sloth, waste, corruption!
07/03/2006 IPCMC - Question for Abdullah in Parliament next Tuesday
06/03/2006 Oil price hike - loss of govt legitimacy and moral authority
04/03/2006 145 OCPDs - draft 100-pt Police Human Rights Code of Conduct
03/03/2006 Stinking tap water in Klang Valley - Nobody responsible?
03/03/2006 White Paper on Shah Alam massive flood
03/03/2006 "Change Lifestyle" Cabinet Committee - Are there enough Ministers to be members?
02/03/2006 Oil price increases - Najib's explanation no credibility
02/03/2006 IGP's speech - Police reform/IPCMC not totally lost cause
01/03/2006 OUM murders the English language