June 2006

30/06/2006 Poh Kuan�s substantive motion to review Deputy Speaker�s unparliamentary conduct
30/06/2006 Said�s refusal to substantiate  in Parliament or lodge ACA report on his allegation of graft
28/06/2006 Ability to manage differences in the Mahathir spat with Abdullah a test of maturity of democracy
26/06/2006 Abdullah reply on IPCMC a great disappointment
26/06/2006 Police insubordination, indiscipline and defiance of Cabinet government and parliamentary democracy
24/06/2006 Parliament should set up six Select Committees on 9th Malaysia Plan etc
23/06/2006 PAC should submit a report to Parliament on its special meeting
23/06/2006 Prime Minister must take a clear and decisive stand in Parliament on Monday to establish the IPCMC
23/06/2006 Call for an immediate RM219 million fund to help needy students with good results
22/06/2006 Set up a special task force to ensure that students with good results are not denied opportunities
20/06/2006 No good student should be denied university opportunities because of economic hardships
17/06/2006 Real reason for Samy's anger with PAC
16/06/2006 Project Mahathir False I/Cs - foreigners exceed genuine Sabahans in state
16/06/2006 Eradicate 3-world mentality of BN Ministers/MPs
14/06/2006 Crooked half-bridge - cost of cancellation ballooning over RM1 billion!
14/06/2006 Ministers' conflicting responses - 2 PMs in Malaysia or no PM?
13/06/2006 Confidence Motion in Pak Lah as PM in Parliament
12/06/2006 Make Mahathir a Senator to give him parliamentary forum
03/06/2006 IPCMC - call for MPs unity and censure of police "revolt"
01/06/2006 IPCMC - PAS should stop flirting with reactionary police elements