January 2006

28/01/2006 125 recommendations - DAP MPs to meet IGP/DIGP
27/01/2006 Make next 12 months a better economic, political, educational and social year
27/01/2006 Declassify all privatisations - not just Metramac Cabinet minutes
27/01/2006 IPCMC - not another "toothless" Suhakam
26/01/2006 Samy Vellu should pull up PLUS for poor safety standards
25/01/2006 Metramac scandal - should Halim refund or govt sue Daim for RM32.5 million?
25/01/2006 Cabinet - set up ICPMC to implement Squatgate Commission reforms
23/01/2006 Squatgate Commission - Cabinet cannot "pass the buck"
23/01/2006 Immediate end to naked earsquats - Police must break week-long silence
21/01/2006 Article 121(1A) controversy � don�t create synthetic political  crisis
21/01/2006 Article 121(1A) - PM should not pre-empt Cabinet decision to "punish" non-Muslim Ministers
20/01/2006 Cabinet credibility plumbs to lowest depth in nation's 48-year history?
19/01/2006 Metramac scandal - Finance and Works Ministries must speak up
19/01/2006 Disband Putrajaya "snoop squad" - why not nipped at ministry level?
19/01/2006 Squatgate scandal - why no Cabinet ban on police nude earsquats?
18/01/2006 PM - halt growing drift and rudderlessness in leadership and governance
17/01/2006 Metramac imbroglio - Daim, Halim and Elyas should appear before SC on Integrity
16/01/2006 Cabinet must not be "censor" on tranparency
15/01/2006 "Cabinet reshuffle" refuelled 3 days after "no inspiration" statement
14/01/2006 Volkswagen bombshell - something very amiss with Proton management
14/01/2006 Daim's RM764 million "patronage" to be discussed at Parl Select Committee on Integrity
13/01/2006 Tapping the Malaysian Diaspora - Great challenge of 9MP
12/01/2006 Article 121(1A) and Islamic Family Law - separate parliamentary select committees
11/01/2006 Cabinet reshuffle stalemate - Pak empowered or paralysed by landslide electoral victory?
10/01/2006 Continuing recalcitrance - process to suspend Myanmar from ASEAN must begin
10/01/2006 Keng Yaik�s utter  contempt for the country�s premier  university
09/01/2006 Moorthy case - letter to PM and query for AG
06/01/2006 China Press "punishment" a triple blow
06/01/2006 Police nude-squat report - make it public on Jan. 16 itself
06/01/2006 Cabinet reshuffle imminent? What for IIM if there is no IC?
04/01/2006 Proton's RM510 million Agusta losses - 2M or Proton Board responsible?
03/01/2006 Islamic Family Law - Are Shahrizat and Abdullah Zin Ministers in the same Cabinet?
02/01/2006 Integrity Cabinet - downsize Ministers to around 20
01/01/2006 Moorthy case - Abu Talib invited to Parliamentary Roundtable