AG’s confirmation of Jho Low’s RM1.5 billion offer attempting to settle the 1MDB charges against him is final evidence that the 1MDB scandal exists and not a fairy tale – what more evidence does UMNO, MCA and MIC leaders need?

The Attorney-General Chambers’ (AGC) confirmation that fugitive business person Low Taek Jho had attempted to reach a settlement with the government over the 1MDB charges with a RM1.5 billion offer is final evidence that the 1MDB scandal exists and not a fairy tale.

Let me ask the UMNO, MCA and MIC leaders: what more evidence do they need?

For the last few days, I had been arguing that more Malaysians, both leaders and ordinary citizens, should be asking the question “What Went Wrong” with the nation-building policies in the last six decades that Malaysia is losing out to more and more countries and in danger of losing out to more countries in the coming years and decades.

I also highlighted the fact that despite a decade of the monstrous mega 1MDB multi-billion dollar financial scandal, not a single UMNO and Barisan Nasional Minister or leader had ever condemned it, whether before the 14th General Election in 2018 or after it.

Can any UMNO, MCA or MIC answer? What more evidence is needed for them to stop being blind, deaf and mute about the 1MDB scandal, which has been described by a former US Attorney-General as “kleptocracy at its worst”?

Malaysia cannot be saved if it ends up as a kleptocracy. Can we expect UMNO, MCA and MIC leaders to fight against Malaysia becoming a kleptocracy, or will they have no compunction in Malaysia becoming a kleptocracy if UMNO, MCA and MIC leaders are assured of political and economic opportunities for self-advancement?

It is shocking that UMNO, MCA and MIC leaders are leading in the movement of being unable to distinguish between what is right from what is wrong, with more and more cases coming to light.

Recently, we have the revelation that a Chief Secretary to the Government was paid RM30,000 a month for doing nothing in 1MDB and the shocking disclosure that this is not an isolated case in government-controlled companies (GLCs).

Now, we have a former Attorney-General acting for Jho Low to settle the 1MDB charges against him, when this former AG should have prosecuted Jho Low when he was in office.

When top leaders are unable to distinguish between right from wrong, what is the future of Malaysia?

I said in the first week of the Pakatan Harapan victory in the 14th General Election on May 9, 2018 that Malaysians had been given an opportunity to “reset:” nation-building policies and directions,

I called on Malaysians to put the “dark days” of the past few decades behind them, and “learn the most important lesson of all – the need for perpetual mutual respect, sensitivity, civility and decency among Malaysians even among political foes in our plural society of diverse races, religions, languages and cultures”.

I said: “Let us never forget that whatever our differences, including our political differences, we are first and foremost Malaysians singing a common national anthem of Negaraku.”

But it was not to be, and even today, there is a massive propaganda campaign to spread the fake news that the woes of Malaysia after 65 years of nation-building is all because of 22 months of Pakatan Harapan Government.

This is a most ridiculous and laughable proposition – except that it is believed by many Malaysians.

The reset of the nation which was started by the Pakatan Harapan Government for 22 months were sabotaged by the Sheraton Move conspiracy.

The question and challenge is: Will Malaysians recover from the disappointments of the 22-month Pakatan Harapan Government to continue to ensure that there is a reset of the nation-building policies and directions as we want Malaysi8a to become a world-class great nation and not end up with the infamy and ignominy of a kleptocracy and kakistocracy.

This is the choice to be taken by Malaysians in the coming years

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri