Will the “war” in earnest in UMNO for immediate general election reverse the national trajectory in the last half-a-century to losing out to more and more countries?

The “war” in earnest has started in UMNO for immediate 15th general election instead of the general election being held next year.

This could be seen from the utterances from the Deputy UMNO President, Mohamad Hassan who, because of his denial, had elicited Asia Times to reiterate its stand that Tok Mat had said in an interview that former Prime Minister and UMNO President, Najib Razak, must pay his dues if he loses the final appeal at the Federal Court.

But I am more concerned about the Tok Mat’s failure to condemn the 1MDB multi-billion-dollar mega financial scandal which caused Malaysia to pass a new global threshold of infamy, ignominy and iniquity and being regarded as a “kleptocracy at is worst”.

Up to now, not a single UMNO leader had condemned the 1MDB scandal.

For how long are they going to support the 1MDB scandal or do they think the 1MDB scandal is a complete fiction?

UMNO leaders believe that they will win big in the 15th General Election. I do not think so, but even they win a two-thirds parliamentary majority, will this reverse the process of the last half-a-century of Malaysia losing out to more and more countries, and set to lose out to more countries in the coming decades?

I have maintained that the most important question in Malaysia today is not who will win the next general election, but whether Malaysia will become a failed state before Malaysia’s Centennial in four decades from now.

What is the use of winning the 15th General Election except to become Ministers if Malaysia continues to regress and lose out to more countries, ending up with Malaysia becoming a failed state before Malaysia’s Centennial in another four decades, becoming an even greater kleptocracy?

In the past half-a-century, Malaysia lost out to Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Will we lose out China and Indonesia before the end of this decade in the annual Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI)?

Will we lose out to more countries in economic development, even to Indonesia and the Philippines, come 2,040 or 2,050?

When will Barisan Nasional leaders whether from UMNO, MCA and MIC think of the national interest and the future of our children and children’s to speak up and condemn policies and practices which have led to Malaysia straggling behind other countries, instead of being a world-class great nation – like the monstrous 1MDB multi-billion ringgit mega financial scandal; the refusal to accept Malaysia is a plural society which have caused the 45-year nightmare of illegal immigrants in Sabah with voting rights and our inability to achieve whether Vision 2020 or the Education Blueprint for Malaysia to be above global average and to be in top one-third of countries in international education standards?

The question Barisan Nasional leaders whether in UMNO, MCA or MIC must answer is whether they are prepared to return to the nation-building policies and principles enshrined in the Malaysian Constitution and Rukun Negara - constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy, separation of powers, rule of law, good governance, public integrity, war against corruption, meritocracy, respect for human rights, Islam as the religion of the nation and freedom of worship for all other religions and national unity from our multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-cultural diversity where there are no first-class and second-class citizens whether based on race, religion or region?

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri