2023 will be make-or-break year for Anwar Unity Government and Malaysia to be great again

2023 will be a make-or-break year for Anwar Unity Government and Malaysia to be a great again.

The Anwar Unity Government has started on the right footing in its first month office, vindicating what Anwar promised after he was appointed the 10th Prime Minister by the Yang di Pertuan Agong on Nov. 24, 2022 that he would not compromise on good governance, the anti-corruption drive, judicial independence, and the welfare of ordinary Malaysians.

While Malaysians must learn from the lesson of the 22-month Pakatan Harapan Government not to expect a miracle overnight, and to undo the excesses and abuses of misgovernance of the nation in the past six decades with a blink of the eye, the Anwar unity government must demonstrate its bona fides in two great tasks before it — how to make Malaysia great again and to start achieving the national unity from the diversity of ethnicities, languages, religions, cultures and civilizations that meet in confluence in Malaysia.

Firstly, by the first year in office of the Anwar unity government, the following features should be promoted:

Good Governance — the Ministers and Deputy Ministers place the national interests above their self-interests and are prepared to make sacrifices for the country to form a good, clean, honest and efficient government. Making public the report and recommendations of the Eminent Persons Council to the Pakatan Harapan Government about institutional reforms in 2018 and the establishment of an Ombudsman will be helpful in this direction.

Anti-Corruption Drive — the launching of a new Malaysian National Anti-Corruption Plan to place Malaysia among the top 30 countries in the world in public integrity.

Judicial Independence — Legislation to remove all Executive influence on judicial appointments, as amendment to the Judicial Appointments Committee Act to remove any Executive influence on the appointment and promotion of judges in Malaysia.

People’s Welfare — Malaysia achieving its ambition to be a tiger economy (which it nearly achieved previously), with jobs and high wages for Malaysians, minimum wage for workers, and world class education and health system, together with a policy to discourage talents emigration.

National Unity — Malaysia becomes a world example of a plural nation achieving unity in diversity, harmony and understanding among diverse ethnicities, languages, religions and cultures.

Happy New Year Malaysians — Let us make Malaysia Great Again.

Let us unite to show the world how to stop the toxic politics of lies, fear, hate, race and religion from destroying Malaysia and the world.

Lim Kit Siang DAP Veteran