Does Ismail Sabri’s “Keluarga Malaysia” includes a ban of gambling and liquor in Malaysia and withdrawal of support for the five Rukun Negara nation-building principles?

I have said that Ismail Sabri, the ninth Prime Minister of Malaysia, is the weakest Prime Minister in Malaysian history, and this is confirmed by Kedah Mentri Besar’s action banning gambling in Kedah.

Ismail Sabri should clarify whether his “Keluarga Malaysia” includes a ban on gambling and liquor in Malaysia and the withdrawal of support for the five Rukun Negara nation-building principles of belief in God, loyalty to King and country, supremacy of the Constitution, the rule of law and courtesy and morality.

Ismail Sabri should explain why he had not informed Parliament that his government and Cabinet do not support the five Rukun Negara nation-building principles for a plural Malaysia.

It is unbelievable that a Prime Minister from UMNO is repudiating one of the greatest achievements of the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Razak, in formulating the five nation-building principles for a plural Malaysia.

Indonesia also has Pancasila, the five principles of the Indonesian philosophy of nation-building, viz: belief in God, Just and Civilized Humanity, Unity of Indonesia, Democracy from the deliberation of elected representatives and social justice for all in Indonesia.

Indonesia is catching up with Malaysia because no Indonesian President has repudiated the Pancasila.

Is Ismail going to bungle along and allow his Ministers and coalition partners to repudiate the Rukun Negara?

Yesterday, together with the DAP MP for Damansara Tony Pua and DAP candidate for Duyong, Damien Yeo, I revisited the Hang Tuah well.

At the historic site, which highlights Hang Tuah’s strength of character, I was reminded that Malacca, which achieved a high quality of civilization five hundreds years ago, fell because of corruption, and wondered whether there is going to be a fall of Malaysia and a second fall of Malacca again because of corruption in allowing the return of creeping kleptocracy.

The UMNO Deputy President, Mohamad Hasan, is confident that UMNO can win 18 of the 28 seats UMNO is contesting Malacca – which means UMNO will form the next Malacca State Government.

The person who was responsible for Malaysia becoming a kleptocracy is playing the leading role in the UMNO campaign in the Malacca state general election. What does this imply?

I do not think anyone will disagree when I say that the Transparency International’s report of next year’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) is going to be a bad one for Malaysia, showing that we are sliding in corruption.

This is before the Malacca general election.

Are we heading for more rampant corruption in Malacca and Malaysia?

Are all our efforts to save Malaysia from kleptocrfacy in the 14th General Election in 2018 going to be in vain?

These will be among the issues that will be decided on Saturday.

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri