#kerajaangagal63 - Prime Minister Muhyiddin has presided over a war of failure against the Covid-19 pandemic for 15 months, from 29 Covid-19 cases and zero death on March 1, 2020 to 512,091 Covid-19 cases and 2,249 deaths – is this not enough evidence to demand a new start in the war?

The Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said he was prepared to take abuse from the public amid frustration over measures against Covid-19 but urged people to play their part in bringing the pandemic under control.

He said: "They can blame the government. They can scold the prime minister. I accept. Scold 'stupid prime minister', it's okay. I can say it on television.

"I know how difficult it is to manage. But this is our joint responsibility. The approach is not whole-of-government but whole-of-society.

"The entire society must come together, only then we can flatten the Covid-19 curve.”

Muhyiddin began is premiership on March 1, 2012. At that time, Malaysia’s data on the Covid-19 pandemic was 29 Covid-19 cases and zero death.

After 15 months of Muhyiddinn as Prime Minister, there are now 510,091 Covid-19 cases and 2,249 Covid-19 deaths.

What is worse, there is no light at the end of the tunnel!

Yesterday broke the record on daily increase of new Covid-19 cases with 6,976 new Covid-19 cases, the 12th consecutive day Malaysia has more new daily cases than Indonesia, although Indonesia has about nine times Malaysia’s population.

Even India and United States are undergoing sharp drops in their surge of increase of cases – India by over 50% from its peak and United States by over 90% from its peak – but Malaysia is on the upsurge, breaking new records in daily increase of new Covid-19 cases.

Is this not enough evidence to convince the Muhyiddin’s government that it is fighting a losing war against the Covid-19 pandemic, that the emergency declared on January 11, 2021 suspending Parliament and the State Assemblies to combat the Covid-19 pandemic were a resounding failure and that the time has come for a new start and new strategy to win the war against Covid-19 pandemic?

The Prime Minister talks about a “whole-of-society” strategy but does he realise that his war strategy against the Covid-19 pandemic was not a “whole-of-society” strategy with Parliament and the State Assemblies suspended and that the deficit of public trust and confidence on his war strategy is the worst faced by any Prime Minister in Malaysian history?

Muhyiddin must admit that he had failed in the last 15 months in the war against the Covid-19 pandemic and he must be prepared, for the country’s sake, for a new start and strategy to win the war against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Muhyiddin should immediately convene an All-Party All-NGOs Conference to Save Malaysia from Covid-19 Pandemic with a five-point War Plan:

  • Restore public and confidence in war plan against the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • National mobilisation of Malaysians to ensure a genuine “whole-of-society” strategy and approach;
  • A new economic stimulus package to help the poor and vulnerable;
  • Effective and efficient Find-Test-Trace-Isolate-Support (FTTIS) strategy to ensure that we are always ahead of the pandemic curve; and
  • Acceleration of the national vaccination rollout especially in view of deadly Covid-19 variants.

The country is facing its worst moment of survival since we achieved Merdeka in 1957, and I call on all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or political beliefs, to put their personal and political differences aside and to focus singly on the task to win this invisible war against the Covid-18 pandemic and to save Malaysian lives and livelihoods.

Muhyiddin should convene Parliament immediately and allow the various State Assemblies to meet.

I have said that all political parties, whether in government or opposition, should reach a new consensus that there would be no “no confidence” motion in Parliament and the State Assemblies, and that Parliament and the State Assembles should serve their full term from the 14th General Election on May 9, 2018 and that there should be no earlier general election unless the war against the Covid-19 pandemic is won.

The ball is in Muhyiddin’s court.

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri