Malaysia likely to break the 200,000 Covid-19 cases mark at the end of January and be among the top 50 nations in cumulative total of Covid-19 cases before Chinese New Year

The daily increase of 4,275 Covid-19 cases yesterday bringing Malaysia’s cumulative total to 180,455 Covid-19 cases and 667 fatalities shows that Malaysia’s serious upsurge is still ferocious and not under control.

If the trajectory of 4,000 daily increase continues, then Malaysia will break the 200,000-mark by the end of January 2021 and we will likely be ranked among the top 50 countries in the world with the most cumulative total of Covid-19 cases.

We have achieved an unprecedented jump of 27 places from the world ranking of No. 85 in the world two months ago to No. 58 at present.

We are the world’s No. 17th country in having the highest daily increase of Covid-19 cases.

We share with Portugal (ranked No. 26) and UAE (ranked No. 43) in being the three countries among the top 58 countries setting the record-high daily increase in Covid-19 cases respectively.

Although we are not in the league of Unites States, which yesterday increased by over 172,913 cases (though set in downward curve as its highest daily increase was on January 8 with 308,022 case in a single day) or Brazil, which yesterday increased by 55,319 cases (falling from a high of 85,134 cases increase on January 7), or United Kingdom, which yesterday increased by 33,552 cases (falling from a high of 68,053 daily increase on January 8), the ferocious increase of over 4,000 cases a day after four months of the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic Malaysia is a very grave public health problem in Malaysia.

It is a poor reflection on the failure in Malaysia to formulate and implement an “all-of-government” and “whole-of-society” strategy and approach in the war against the Covid-19 pandemic that despite four months, we have not been able to bring the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic under control.

This ferocious four-month surge must be stopped in its tracks and the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia which started on Sept. 20 ended with all resources and ingenuity in our command.

Senior consultant paediatrician, Dr. Amar-Singh HSS has summarised the key measures which the authorities need to take to reduce “the Covid-19 raging fire”, viz:

  • Test extensively;
  • Restore contact tracing;
  • Support Health Ministry Staff;
  • Improve home quarantine;
  • Widen pick up services.

Can we expect action on all these areas within the next 24 hours – as we must be on a war footing to fight the war against the coronavirus which has taken 667 lives in Malaysia and we do not have the luxury of lethargic responses as if we are on a “MCO holiday”.

I have said that Malaysia must go on a war footing with every Malaysian constantly thinking what he or she could do to ensure that the Covid-19 pandemic is brought under control.

If every Malaysian, including Ministers and VIPs, has the “war mentality” and is minded to think of what he or she could do to help in the war effort against Covid-19 pandemic, there will be no double standards, misuse of power, fraud, corruption and discriminatory measures against any race, religion or group in the country.

Malaysians are back to the most critical questions – Firstly, when will the Muhyiddin Government bestir itself to get its act together and launch an “all-of-government” and “whole-of-society” strategy and approach to prevail over the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and secondly, when will Parliament be re-convened to be the centrepiece and platform for such a strategy and approach.

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri