Is Prime Minister Ismail Sabri himself unaware who is the Selangor Chairman of National Security Council?

Yesterday, I asked the Prime Minister Ismail Sabri to clear the air as to who is the Selangor Chairman of the National Security Council (NSC) as such a confusion should not arise in the midst of the deadliest flood disaster which has claimed 37 lives so far.

The thunderous silence of the Prime Minister on this question in the last 24 hours in most ominous.

Could it be that the Prime Minister himself does not know who is the Selangor Chairman of the NSC and is impotent to straighten out the issue?

Nobody could understand how Ismail Sabri could give his Cabinet 90 percent score for its performance in its first hundred days, and the atrocious handling of the flood disaster in Selangor and Pahang with unprecedented loss of lives and ten of billions of property losses proved the Prime Minister very wrong in his 90 percent score for his Cabinet.

Has Malaysia tumbled from a kleptocracy into a kakistocracy?

When will Ismail Sabri be able to say who is the Selangor Chairman of NSC?

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri