Second example of #kerajaangagal - Batu Pahat school segregating students for co-curricular activities based on race and gender

Yesterday, I called on the Health Minister, Adham Baba, to stop his game of semantics and focus on checking the rise in the daily increase of Covid-19 cases and bring the third Covid-19 wave down to double-digit figures or resign!

Yesterday was the fourth day in a row where the daily increase of new Covid-19 breached the 2,000-mark, with 2,195 new Covid-19 cases, following daily increases of 2,148, 2,551 and 2,331 new cases the previous three days. The cumulative total of Covid-19 cases is 375,054.

If the daily increase of new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia continue above 2,000-mark today, Malaysia will overtake Slovakia to be ranked No. 44 among countries in the world with the most cumulative total of Covid-19 cases. This is not a record which the country should be proud.

While Malaysians are worried that the country will plunge into the fourth Covid-19 wave before the third Covid-19 wave (already one of the longest Covid waves in the world) could be brought under control by reducing the daily increase of new cases to double-digit figures, Adham was only interested in semantics claiming that the fourth Covid-19 wave would not happen until the daily increase of new cases in the third Covid wave is first brought down to zero.

My statement yesterday was the first in my daily series of #kerajaangagal to illustrate that under the backdoor, undemocratic and illegitimate Sheraton Move government, Malaysia is becoming a kakistocracy.

The second in the daily #kerajaangagal series is the Batu Pahat school segregating students for co-curricular activities based on race and gender.

Schools are meant to inculcate in the new generation of Malaysians the values of Malaysian unity regardless of race, religion, region or gender but the SMK Dato Bentara Luar had done the very opposite.

An apology by the school principal for such a serious mistake is grossly inadequate, and Malaysians are entitled to know actions the Ministry of Education would take for such grave violation of the Malaysian ethos.

How can a person be promoted to the responsible position of school principal whose vision of a school is not to be the seedbed for national unity but the very opposite of sowing national division and separateness.

A strong and potent message must be sent out to all teachers, and in particular school principals, that after six decades of nationhood, they must promote Malaysian unity and not to encourage division among the new generation of Malaysians.

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri