Just as the SOP must be observed if we are to win the war against Covid 19 pandemic, there is a SOP for building a successful Sabah and Malaysia - unity and inclusivity and not poisonous and negative politics of race and religion

Just as the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) must be observed if we are to win the war in the Covid 19 pandemic, there is a SOP for building a successful Sabah and Malaysia – unity and inclusivity, and not the poisonous and negative politics of race and religion engendering fake news and lies to create hate and fear in our society.

In the Sabah general election, the Warisan Plus has a manifesto which provides a SOP for a New Sabah where Sabah abandon the reputation as the poorest state in the country 57 after the founding of Malaysia – worse than Kelantan, the poorest state in Peninsular Malaysia – and where the state’s rich natural resources will be used to improve the infrastructure facilities of Sabah and abolish the backwardness of the most remote areas – no need for the Veveonah Mosibins of Sabah to spend 24 hours on a treetop to gain better Internet connectivity to sit for an online exam – instead of enriching the coffers of the corrupt and the powerful and where there is unity and harmony among the various ethnic groups, languages, religions and cultures in the country.

This is why the campaign of Warisan Plus leader Shafie Apdal uses slogans of unity and inclusivity like: “In God Trust, Unite We Must” and “We are here to build a nation not a particular race or religion.”

The objection of the PN-BN-PBS “alliance within an alliance” to this Warisan Plus message of unity and inclusivity as contained in these slogans is proof that the PN-BN-PBS “alliance within an alliance” stands for disunity, exclusivity, intolerance and a most unSabah and un-Malaysian way of life.

The PN-BN-PBS “alliance within an alliance” cannot even agree on who should be Sabah Chief Minister if they win. Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin wants Hajiji Noor but UMNO and BN wants Bung Moktar Radin.

Although the Malayan masters of PN-BN-PBS “alliance within the alliance” are working hard on a truce among the contending factions of this alliance on Polling Day on Saturday September 26, the Warisan Plus is clearly leading in Sabah state general action, although the electoral picture is still uncertain as to the electoral outcome.

What is clear is that Warisan Plus is well ahead of PN-BN-PBS “alliance within an alliance” but still short of the 37 seats needed to secure a simple majority in the State Assembly to form the new Sabah state government. But the Warisan Plus is still a distance away from the objective of winning 49 seats to cross the two-thirds majority to bring an effective end to the disgraceful politics of “frogs”.

There are a dozen seats which are a touch-and-go for both Warisan Plus and the Opposition, and every vote must be canvassed for Warisan Plus to form not only the new Sabah state government under Shafi Apdal, but also with a two-thirds majority to wipe out the “political frog” culture in Sabah and Malaysia.

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri