Will Cabinet restore a full Parliament session instead of a one-day Parliament on May 18 with the CMCO replacing MCO till May 12?

What a pathetic explanation!

How many Malaysians took the threat issued by Senior Minister Azmin Ali of possible legal action against the nine state governments on their refusal to comply with the conditional movement control order (CMCO) as a gentle reminder?

None at all – neither the nine state governments nor the Malaysian public.

Clearly, the Senior Minister and Minister for International Trade and Industry has a very abnormal way of giving reminders!

The mess he has created over the CMCO, together with the call by the Minister of Finance on 3rd May to welcome proposals for the national economic recovery plan, are potent evidence that the government has yet to develop the best exit plan strategy and blueprint in the invisible war against Covid-19 although the invisible war is going to last another year or two.

Azmin must realise the critical importance of an “all-of-government” approach – let alone a “whole-of-society” approach - to harness the strengths and resources of all State Governments to work in tandem with the Federal Government to win the invisible war against Covid-19, not only to save lives but to save livelihoods and the Malaysian economy.

Although Azmin said that the decision to re-open the economy was based on data and research conducted by various parties, he failed to explain why he did not ensure that the state governments reached a consensus first instead of bulldozing through with the CMCO.

Azmin has left a bad taste in the mouth in Federal-State relations with his pathetic explanation that he had not issued a threat to the State Governments but only made a reminder.

The Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin should intervene and convene a meeting with all State Governments to ensure that the Federal Government and all State Governments are on the same page in the invisible war against Covid-19, in particular to contain the coronavirus and to rescue the Malaysian economy devastated by the pandemic.

The question now is whether the Cabinet would restore a full Parliamentary session instead of a one-day Parliament on May 18 with the CMCO replacing MCO till May 12?

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri