Another reason “M for Malaysia” a must-see film for every Malaysian – to reaffirm that the historic decision of 9.5.2018 must succeed although it would take a longer time-span to accomplish instead of being an ignominious failure

There is another reason why the film “M for Malaysia” should be a must-see film for every Malaysian – an occasion for Malaysians to reaffirm that the historic decision of 9.5.2018 must succeed although it would take a longer time-span to accomplish instead of being an ignominious failure.

The film “M for Malaysia” documents the 14th General Election on May 9, 2018, when Malaysians shocked the world and themselves with a miraculous transition of power, peaceful and democratic, overthrowing one of the longest ruling governments in the world to reset nation-building policies to build a New Malaysia to become a country which is a top world-class nation of unity, freedom, justice, excellence and integrity.

Malaysians were so focussed on accomplishing the seemingly impossible job of overcoming insuperable odds to change the government through the ballot box that they overlooked the fact that May 9, 2018 was not a bloody revolution where the heads of those who dissented can be chopped but a peaceful democratic transition where we must win over those who had earlier disagreed with a change of government – while restoring the fundamental rights of freedom of speech and expression which were quelled by repression by the previous government.

While the film celebrates the miraculous victory of Malaysians on May 9, 2018 , it is a salutary reminder that only a battle had been won but not a war.

Just as the May 9, 2018 victory was the result of decades of “blood, sweat and tears” of courageous, passionate and patriotic Malaysians, the mission to build a New Malaysia to reset nation-building policies to undo the injustices, abuses of power and corruption of the past six decades cannot be undone in one or two years, but will take more than one general election cycle to accomplish.

The film “M for Malaysia” is a reminder that if the miraculous victory of May 9, 2018 is not to go to nought, we must have the stamina, perseverance and foresight not only to win a battle on May 9, 2018 but to win the war to build a New Malaysia for future generations of Malaysians.

Malaysia in post-14th General Election have become very racially and religiously polarised especially through untrammelled fake news and hate speech on the social media.

This is because the thieves, kleptocrats, crooks and liars in Malaysian politics see lies, falsehoods, fake news, hate speech to pit race against race and religion against religion as the only way to restore their political empire and stern and immediate action to curb such divisive and destructive fake news and hate speech to create racial and religious conflicts are urgently needed before Malaysia is engulfed in a racial and religious conflagration

The war for a New Malaysia has not been lost yet although we must be nimble and agile to adapt to the new battleground to win the hearts and minds of the people – from television and earlier forms of media to social media whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, most important of all, WhatsApp.

Just as we must dare to dream Big Dreams, we must have a positive and optimistic attitude about Malaysia’s future, to believe that the overwhelming majority of Malaysians regardless of race or religion will support a New Malaysia of unity, justice, freedom, integrity and excellence, or the miracle of May 9, 2018 would not have taken place.

The enemies of a New Malaysia have placed themselves on the wrong side of history by resorting to the toxic and vicious politics of lies, hate, fear, race and religion and must face a diminishing market over a period of time.

DAP had been accused of all sorts of sin in the past five decades, of being Chinese chauvinist, Communist and Christian, but we have proven our critics wrong – that while we are proud of our different ethnicities, we are first and last Malaysians.

From being accused of being anti-Malay and anti-Islam by Malay and Muslim extremists, DAP is being accused of having sold out Chinese and Indian rights by extremists in MCA, MIC and Gerakan!

There is now a video on the social media which defames some DAP leaders claiming that they have renounced their Chinese ethnicity in claiming to be Malaysians. This is a new low in dirty politics and character-assassination in Malaysian politics.

Previously, Malay leaders and members in DAP were accused of betraying the Malay race and Islam by being in DAP. Now DAP leaders of Chinese descent are accused of betraying the Chinese.

How low and illogical can Malaysian politics be?

How in the world is it possible for anyone to accomplish both contradictory goals one and the same time?

What is possible and true, is that both these charges are wrong and baseless.

Just as Malaysians have arisen above two ignominies in its history, the May 13, 1969 racial riots and being condemned by the world as a global kleptocracy, Malaysians must continue to aim high and be a top world class nation for harmony, freedom, justice, integrity and excellence to build a New Malaysia, where Malaysians can hold their heads high because they come from a country which not only tolerate, but respect and accept racial, religious, linguistic and cultural diversity as well as a country which is a leading nation of integrity in the world.

Just as Malaysians must reject those who advocate that a corrupt Christian is better than a non-corrupt non-Christian, a corrupt Buddhist is better than a non-corrupt non-Buddhist, a corrupt Hindu better than a non-corrupt non-Hindu, we must reject those who advocate that a corrupt Muslim is better than a good, honest and non-corrupt non-Muslim.

Malaysia is a confluence of four great civilisations of the world – Malay/Islamic, Chinese, Indian and Western.

Let Malaysia show the world the success from the Alliance of Civilisations instead of a failure from the Clash of Civilisations.

This is the battleline between Pakatan Harapan and the Opposition.

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri