DAP will not be MCA2 and MCA cannot be DAP2

A new political myth is making the rounds in Malaysia, that with the DAP in a silent mode, there’s need for a Third Force in the country.

According to this myth, as DAP has become MCA2, MCA should become DAP2.

There cannot be a greater misreading of political trends and dynamics in Malaysia as DAP will not be MCA2 and MCA cannot be DAP2.

It is akin to political imbecility to believe that MCA, after being almost eliminated in the 14th General Election, could evolve to become DAP2, when up to now, MCA dare not cut its umbilical cord with UMNO and no MCA leader has the conviction and temerity to denounce the 1MDB scandal and the former Prime Minster, Datuk Seri Najib Razak for bringing the country to Malaysia’s worst depths of international infamy, ignominy and iniquity by being condemned by the world as a global kleptocracy.

Even more astounding is that in post-14GE, MCA has descended to the depths of supporting the UMNO-PAS axis which had been dishing out toxic and vicious politics of hate, lies, intolerance and extremism threatening to tear plural Malaysia asunder by generating baseless fears and hate of one race against another or one religion against another.

One can understand, although not condone, the desperate and bankrupt politics of UMNO and PAS leaders who see this as the only way to save themselves, but can MCA leaders explain why it is so unprincipled and opportunistic as to support such irresponsible and dangerous politics by UMNO and PAS leaders?

MCA cannot be DAP2 for DAP is not prepared to cede the DAP principle, culture, persona and soul to anyone.

DAP leaders and members remain committed to the vision of a New Malaysia where everyone regards himself or herself as a Malaysian first and his or her race, religion, region or socio-economic background second; and where there is democracy, freedom, justice, integrity, progress and prosperity for all Malaysians.

While DAP leaders and members have never given up on these ideals and objectives whether in or out of government, MCA leaders had long lost these ideals and objectives, if they had them in the first place.

DAP leaders are in politics to serve the people and nation. MCA leaders are in politics to serve themselves at the expense of the people and nation.

These are among the reasons why DAP will never become a MCA2, and why MCA in post-14GE can never become DAP2.

Furthermore, the DAP is not in a silence mode.

Those who accuse the DAP leaders of being “more interested to just cling on to power” after realizing that they cannot initiate change of nation-building policies cannot be more wrong about the DAP, although they are spot on if they are referring to the history, role and culture of MCA leaders in government before the 14th General Election.

I had declined to be in the Cabinet. Have any MCA leader declined to be appointed a Cabinet Minister?

This myth is invented by MCA leaders thinking that DAP Ministers and leaders in government can only replicate the role of former MCA leaders in government and Cabinet – who have to surrender their principles and vision of a new, united, just and free Malaysia to cling to office.

I had explained that I had kept a low publicity profile in the past year because of the monstrous lies emanating from the UMNO-PAS axis that I am the puppet master of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and that the Cabinet Ministers were just my puppets and stooges.

Why did MCA leadership give their tacit approval to such dastardly lies and falsehoods, by giving support to the UMNO-PAS axis.

The MCA leadership was trying to do their worst in the Sandakan by-election, supporting the vicious and toxic politics of lies, hate and polarisation of the UMNO-PAS axis but to no avail.

I flew to Sandakan thrice from KLIA during the Sandakan by-election campaign period, and in two of my three trips, a top MCA national leader was taking the same flight to Sandakan, although in the first class section as compared to my economy class status. But this top MCA national leader never surfaced publicly in Sandakan campaign, keeping to the backroom. Can the MCA leadership explain the reason for such surreptitious and furtive MCA support for the UMNO-PAS axis in the Sandakan by-election, which sponsored the PBS candidate?

The DAP is not in a silence mode.

There are those who change policies and principles once they are in power and in Government, but not the DAP.

We are now no more in Opposition but part of the Pakatan Harapan government and inevitably our modus operandi is different but our principles, ideals and vision of a New Malaysia remain unchanged.

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri