Najib is going for broke to avoid an unprecedented BN defeat in Cameron Highlands by-election which will be a death knell for any possibility of his political come-back in 15th General Election and legitimisation of 1MDB scandal

Clearly, former Prime Minister, Datuk Sri Najib Razak is going for broke as if the Cameron Highlands by-election on Saturday will fjnally decide his political future.

In a sense, this is true, for with Najib as the campaigner-in-chief in the Cameron Highlands by-election, completely overshadowing the BN candidate Ramli Mohd Nor, the acting UMNO President, Hasan Mohd and the Pahang Mentri Besar, Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail, Najib has made the by-election a most personal one – and an unprecedented defeat in Cameron Highlands by-eletion (as BN has never been defeated in Cameron Highlands before) will be a death knell for any possibility of his political comeback again as Prime Minister of Malaysia in the 15th General Election and legitimisation of 1MDB scandal.

Najib must toyed with the idea of a political comeback for two reasons, viz:

Firstly, that if Tun Dr. Mahathir could make a political comeback as Prime Minister, why couldn’t he?

Secondly, returning as Prime Minister again in the 15th General Election by 2023 will grant him immunity and impunity for the criminal charges of corruption, embezzlement and abuse of power which had been slapped on him by the Public Prosecutor, provided his lawyers could drag out final appellate proceedings and his avoid being sent to Sungai Buloh Prison before his political comeback

This is why Najib is back in the Cameron Highlands by-election campaign today for its outcome would literally be a political “life or death” sentence for him.

However, will Najib learn from the example of Malaysia’s celebrity chef Redzuanwan Ismail (Chef Wan), whom I had described as a better role model for the Felda youths than Najib himself.

Chef Wan has apologised to Najib for his “crude language” threatening to slap the former Prime Minister for Felda’s financial troubles, but he stood by his scathing comments against Najib.

Chef Wan said: “To DS Najib this morning, I apologise openly for the coarse language that I used when I was at my angriest!

“But if we make a big mistake, we must swallow our pride to admit our mistakes as I have done this morning. Yes, I admit I was wrong when I was possessed by the devil and got angry.”

Similarly, will Najib’s return to the Cameron Highlands by-election campaign circuit today be marked by his public apology for his three greatest failures as the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia - firstly, the monstrous 1MDB scandal and Malaysia being condemned by the world as a global kleptocracy; secondly, betrayal of his father, Tun Razak’s vision of Felda and the interests of Felda settlers and thirdly, his failure to bring the 200,000 Orang Asli to the national mainstream of development sixty years after Merdeka?

This is why a group of second generation Felda settlers are rooting for a Pakatan Harapan win in the Cameron Highlands by-election, saying it is the only way to end the years of intimidation by Barisan Nasional.

The group, led by Mohd Nor Afandi Daud, 54, along with 14 others, are urging other second generation Felda settlers to join their cause, assuring them that the scare tactics of the previous government could no longer hurt them.

What has Najib got to say about the aspiration of the second-generation Felda settlers?

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri