An Open Letter to the Voters of Port Dickson – Be the first parliamentary constituency to endorse the 14th General Election result and claim ownership for the task of building a New Malaysia

Dear Voters of Port Dickson,

Malaysians saved Malaysia and made history on May 9, 2018, giving Malaysians a second chance to reset nation-building policies so that Malaysia will not become a failed and rogue state, on top of being a kakistocracy and global kleptocracyl

On Saturday, the voters of Port Dickson by-election has the opportunity the make history for the second time in six months, not only to vote for Anwar Ibrahim, the eighth Prime Minister-designate for Malaysia, but even more important, to endorse the 14th General Election result of May 9, 2018 and to claim ownership for the task of building of a New Malaysia.

A New Malaysia cannot be accomplished in a hundred days or in six months, but will take a decade of two. All Malaysians must develop a Big Picture and Long-term Vision perspectives.

An important start for the building of a New Malaysia has been made in the past five months as illustrated by the following principal developments:

  • Transformation of Malaysia from a global kleptocracy into a leading nation of integrity, by becoming the first country to initiate criminal charges for the 1MDB scandal against Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Datin Rosmah Mansor and the 1MDB kingpin-cum-international financier fugitive, Jho Low;
  • Malaysia’s seizure of 1MDB-linked properties, in particular the billion-ringgit super-luxury yacht Equanimity, which is expected to go on sale shortly;
  • Restoration of democracy and doctrine of separation of powers among the Executuive, Parliament and the Judiciary;
  • Far-reaching law reforms, although the repeal of Anti-Fake Acts was blocked and sabotaged by the Barisan National-controlled Senate. The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Liew Vui Keong, has annonced that the Bill to abolish the death penalty will be tabled in the 2019 budget meeting of Parliament beginning on Monday, while the Minister for Communication and Multimedia, Gobind Singh Deo, has revealed that the Cabinet has decided to a moratorium on charges under the Sedition Act 1948 pending the repeal of the law.
  • Far-reaching parliamentary reforms to end the Malaysian Parliament from becoming the joke of world Parliaments as Parliament of a global kleptocracy, especially with the Public Accounts Committee directed to re-open investigations on the 1MDB scandal.
  • Restoration of Malaysia as a “tiger economy” after the massive problems of the “black hole” of a trillion-ringgit government debt and a global kleptocracy had been addressed.
  • Restoration of primary and secondary schools as well as universities as leading world educational institutions of their kind to establish Malaysia as among the world’s top-tier nations in education.
  • Restoration of the goal as enunciated by Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman of Malaysia as “a beacon of light in a difficult and distracted world”.
  • Building a New Malaysia of greater national unity, integrity, democracy, rule of law, excellence, justice and prosperity, which can leverage on the assets of the diverse races, religions, languages, cultures and civilizations which meet in confluence in Malaysia to form the basis for a new civilization based on the best values and assets of the world’s greatest religions and civilizations.

I call on the voters of Port Dickson to rise to the occasion on 13th October in their rendezvous with history, to make the by-election an important sequel to the historic battle of the 14th General Election of May 9, 2018.

The Port Dickson by-election continues to be a battle of the future versus the past –as it is the second step in the struggle of a New Malaysia to be born to give Malaysians a second chance to reset nation-building policies.

The voters of Port Dickson should therefore ensure a high voter turnout and a great majority for Anwar Ibrahim and for a New Malaysia on Saturday!

Lim Kit Siang MP for Iskandar Puteri