Will UMNO General Assembly apologise to DAP for its six-year ordeal when UMNO leaders/operatives misused their powers to influence the Registrar of Societies to break or ban the DAP?

I am giving a serious warning to UMNO leaders, aspirants and propagandists that they will be exposed if they continue to spread lies, fake news and false information about the DAP as they have done in previous UMNO General Assemblies and during the 14th General Election which saw UMNO’s fall from grace as the invincible ruling party of Malaysia

It is none of my concern as to which one of the seven candidates win the UMNO Presidency in post-14GE, which one of the three candidates wins the UMNO Deputy Presidency and who among the nine candidates become the three UMNO Vice Presidents in the UMNO General Assembly at the end of this month.

But UMNO post-14GE will stand exposed if it continues with the previous UMNO’s divisive and toxic politics of race, religion, hate, fear and lies especially peddling lies, fake news and false information about the DAP as anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Royalty.

Whether UMNO heads into the sunset or into a new dawn is not my business. But it becomes my business if UMNO leaders continue peddle lies, fake news and false information about the DAP.

This statement is in fact the result of the provocation from the completely unfounded allegation by the dubious, mysterious, nameless and faceless so-called UMNO strategic communications unit, which asked outsiders not to meddle in UMNO’s internal affairs.

This shadowy UMNO strategic communications unit said ex-leaders and ex-members now with PKR or Bersatu have no right to interfere in forthcoming UMNO elections, saying that it was a “crazy attempt by outsiders to pick a certain leader or to predict the results”.

The UMNO strategic communications unit went on to make the completely unsolicited and baseless allegation that while UMNO elections this year was very different from the “closed” contest in Mahathir’s time, which was “similar to the way Lim Kit Siang leads DAP, which was condemned and hated by its members and leaders at the time”.

DAP members and the Malaysian public will never forget the attempts by UMNO leaders/operatives to break and even ban the DAP, one of the most obnoxious abuses of power in the Najib era - the six-year ordeal suffered by DAP from 2012-2018 when UMNO leaders/operatives abused their powers to influence the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to break the spirit and undermine the struggle of DAP with the concocted lies that the DAP Central Executive Committee elections in December 2012 was undemocratic and illegal!

This led to a six-year long ordeal, trial and tribulation devised by UMNO/BN strategists to destroy the DAP, including the holding of a totally unnecessary DAP CEC re-elections – when the RoS was taking directives not from the Home Minister but directly from the Prime Minister’s Office!

It was a marvel that the DAP survived the six-year ordeal intact, just as marvellous as when the voters of Malaysia, against all odds, expectations and predictions of mainstream analysts and pollsters, shocked the world with the peaceful and democratic transition of power in the 14GE on May 9, 2018!

UMNO leaders and strategists should stop their sham and pretence that they never interfered in the internal affairs of other political parties.

They paid cybertroopers, mercenaries who were former DAP members and “soldiers of fortune” to concoct lies and falsehoods as the basis to direct the RoS to act against the DAP, but they failed because DAP leaders were men and women of principle who stood firm and would not sell their soul in the sea of lies and falsehoods against the DAP and DAP leaders.

Were the huge funds expended in the six-year operation to break or ban the DAP derived from the 1MDB scandal? This will be worth investigating.

Is the UMNO General Assembly at the end of this month going to apologise to the DAP for the six-year ordeal when UMNO leaders and operatives tried to use its cybertroopers and mercenaries to influence the Registrar of Societies to break or ban the DAP as an illegal and unlawful political party?

The time has come for the mysterious, nameless, faceless and soulless UMNO strategic media unit, which surfaced only after UMNO 14GE disaster, to be unmasked.

Is it the mouthpiece and proxy of Najib, who though resigned as UMNO President, wants to continue to be the “power behind the throne”?

Has the UMNO strategic media unit anything to do with the UMNO leader who told an international media that only an idiot would not know that the “MO1” in the US Department of Justice kleptocratic litigation on the 1MDB scandal referred to former Prime Minister, Najib Razak?

The UMNO strategic media unit laid claim to the assets seized by the police after the 14GE from Najib’s Pavilion Residences containing over RM100 million in cash in 26 different foreign currencies and some half a billion ringgit in jewellery, watches and designer handbags.

Was this claim made officially on behalf of the UMNO leadership or only by the UMNO strategic media unit on behalf of faceless and nameless individuals?

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Iskandar Puteri