Utusan Malaysia’s claim that Malays are already regretting voting against Umno not only wrong, but reflects Najib’s refusal to relinquish power and wants a new role as “the power behind the throne”

Today, the Malaysian Insight reported that two think-tanks have debunked the Utusan Malaysia claim on Sunday that Malays are already regretting voting against UMNO and that Malay-Muslims have soured towards the new Pakatan Harapan adminsitration of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Political analyst Hisomuddin Bakar of Ilham Centre said the regret was only among UMNO members who abandoned the party and Barisan Nasional in GE14.

Ordinary Malays, however, are comfortable with PH since they no longer have to pay for the goods and services tax (GST).

Ibrahim Suffian of Merdeka Centre, Ibrahim Suffia, echoed this finding, saying that a majority of Malay voters are satisfied with the new government.

He said that the smooth and peaceful of transfer of power between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan was critical in debunking a popular myth spread by Umno while also strengthening Malay confidence in PH.

Utusan Malaysia’s claim on Sunday that Malays are already regretting voting against Umno is not only wrong, but reflects Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s refusal to relinquish power in UMNO and want a new role as “the power behind the throne”.

It is for this reason that Utusan Malaysia is back within a month of the historic and watershed defeat of UMNO/BN in the 14th GE in its old mischief to peddle the politics of race, religion, hate, fear and lies – as for instance in the same article in Mingguan Malaysia peddling the lie that the DAP wants to do away with the system of constitutional monarchy by turning Malaysia into a republic!

I have said that I do not want UMNO/BN to die, but it is very naïve for anyone to think that the two great and treasonous crimes of UMNO/BN government firstly in making Malaysia the laughing stock of the world by becoming a global kleptocracy; and secondly, unleashing the irresponsible, vicious and intensive politics of race, religion, hate, fear and lies for the 14th General Election, can be glossed over and be easily forgiven.

Contrary to the hallucinations of Najib and Utusan Malaysia, I do not see how UMNO/BN can regain credibility so long as they are not prepared to admit to the two enormous treasonous crimes against the nation – turning Malaysia into a global kleptocracy and spearheading the most vicious politics of race, religion, hate, fear and lies in the 14GE.

Is UMNO/BN prepared to fully admit to these two enormous treasonous crimes against Malaysia and UMNO/BN and to fully repudiate the Najib legacy and even to expel Najib Razak from UMNO/BN coalition?

This is why I had suggested that UMNO/BN parties, leaders and individuals must publicly own up and donate whatever “dirty money” they had received from Najib from 1MDB to Tabung Harapan Malaysia to help pay the trillion-ringgit national debt.

The Sarawak Report website, whose access was blocked by the Najib government for 34 months from July 2015, alleged in an article in August 2015 that the UMNO/Barisan Nasional Back Benchers Club Chairman, Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samd received RM1 million and Deputy Finance Minister, Ahmad Maslan, received RM2 million from 1MDB from the Najib’s infamous RM2.6 billion private banking account.

The Sarawak Report said money was handed out personally by Najib to UMNO party heads, not only before the election but after, including numerous payments to MPs and many of the recipients proved themselves to be some of Najib’s strongest defenders in the 1MDB crisis.

Any response from UMNO/BN leaders?

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Iskandar Puteri