UMNO’ first and second major Goebbellian offensive against DAP have tanked and failed, now we await the third UMNO Goebellian propangada gambit

I want to remind the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak of the Chinese saying “If you don’t want anyone to know, don’t do it”. (若要人不知 除非己莫为)

This is because the pieces are falling into place about Najib’s Goebbellian Syndrome to use me as a guinea pig to test out Goebbels’ Nazi propaganda doctrine to “tell a big lie, keep repeating it and eventually people will believe it” as the strategy to control the rural Malay mind.

The whole sorry story started with Najib’s UMNO Presidential speech on Nov. 30, where he notched up another octave in the politics of race, hatred and falsehood when he declared DAP as UMNO’s Enemy No. 1 in the forthcoming 14th General Election, declaring that the Malays will have to decide whether to maintain a government led by UMNO or DAP.

This is of course a political fallacy, as whatever happens in the 14GE, whether Najib is toppled as Prime Minister or UMNO loses the Federal Government, the Malays in Malaysia will continue to exercise political power in the country as there is no way they will lose their political power.

For the past two months, neither Najib nor anybody in UMNO and its propaganda apparatus has been able to give a decent reply to the question recently asked by National Laureate Pak Samad as to how Malays could lose political power if UMNO is defeated in a general election.

Pak Samad had found it odd that the Malay community are obsessed over the loss of power to the country’s other minority groups if UMNO loses control of Putrajaya, and how the Malays and Islam could be under threat, and he had asked:

“How are Malays under threat? How can religion (Islam) and Malays be threatened when those in power have been Malays for over five decades?

“What have they (Malay leaders) been doing for five decades (if Malays can be under threat)?”

Even the UMNO veteran, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is on public record as saying that he did not know where the perceived threats to Malays were coming from when the government is headed by a Malay, state governments headed by Malays with the exception of Penang, the civil service is mostly made up of Malays, the army are mostly Malays and there are also the Malay rulers.

Malaysia’s foremost civil rights activist, Zainah Anwar, had also questioned where does the “threat to the Malays” come from after nearly 60 years of UMNO rule, and why, after more than four decades of the New Economic Policy, (i) 75.5 per cent of those at the bottom are Malays; (ii) some 90 per cent of the unemployable university graduates Malays; and (iii) of the RM54 billion worth of shares pumped to Malay individuals and institutions between 1984 and 2005, only RM2 billion remained in Malay hands.

I am prepared to have a live telecast debate with Najib on his UMNO Presidential speech that Malays will lose political power if he, Najib, is toppled and UMNO is voted out of Putrajaya in the 14GE. Is Najib prepared to accept my challenge?

This news conference, however, is not about how the triple factors – the demographic make up of the population, the electorate and the parliamentary constituencies – make it impossible for the Malays to lose political power in Malaysia but to expose UMNO’s fear and scare tactics ala Nazi-style Big Lies and to trace the sinister Goebbellian gambits which UMNO leaders, propagandists and cybertroopers have set in motion after Najib’s UMNO Presidential speech on Nov. 30.

I held a media conference at Wisma DAP Penang on Tuesday, 6th December 2016 to expose UMNO’s Nazi-style “Big Lie” propaganda offensive on the social media – a chart of a so-called “Barisan Kerajaan Baru 2017 – Pakatan Harapan DAP/PKR/PAN/PPBM” with a 22-Minister Cabinet line-up.

When I saw the fake Cabinet line-up poster for the first time, I thought that those behind it did a poor job, as they had missed out the important portfolio of Finance.

It was with surprise that I found out later that there was no such omission, for I had been assigned as Finance Minister as well.

Clearly, the authors of the fake Cabinet line-up were unaware of the DAP position that the Prime Minister should not double up as Finance Minister, as Malaysia would not have suffered the ignominy and infamy of being regarded as a “global kleptocracy” and the international multi-billion dollar 1MDB kleptocratic money-laundering scandal would not have happened if Najib had not doubled up as Prime Minister-cum-Finance Minister.

For the first time in the nation’s 60 year history, I am listed as Prime Minister and Finance Minister in the fake Cabinet list, with Tun Mahathir Mohamad as Deputy Prime Minister.

The intention is very obvious – to send out the message that Mahathir is only my stooge and puppet, although MCA and Gerakan leaders and propagandists are going round the country to say that it is I who is Mahahtir’s stooge and puppet!

Can I advise UMNO, MCA, Gerakan and the BN component parties to have a common stand and not to blatantly contradict themselves?

I had not realised when I called the media conference about the fake Cabinet line-up on Dec. 6 that this was UMNO’s first Goebbellian major propaganda offensive in the follow-up to Najib’s speech at the UMNO General Assembly on Nov. 30 – a decision which must have been made at the same time that the Goebbellian character of Najib’s speech as UMNO President was decided upon by Najib’s “brain trust”.

The fake Cabinet poster was designed as an follow-up to Najib’s speech to immediately accuse and frame the DAP as wanting to wrest political power from UMNO by picturing me as Prime Minister and Finance Minister, reducing Tun Dr. Mahathir to the secondary position as Deputy Prime Minister.

But “Man proposes, God disposes”. UMNO’s first major Goebbels propaganda offensive was neutralised and even neutered by the swift flow of events, although this happened by serendipity rather than by any conscious design.

On Sunday 4th December 2016, Tun Mahathir attended the DAP National Convention, which was a new experience for the former Prime Minister, who found that “DAP’s Malaysian-ness is even stronger than that of BN and UMNO”.

Mahathir told a media conference that the DAP Convention showed that DAP is not a Chinese party but a multiracial party. He conceded he previously had the wrong impression of DAP in the past as he had thought that the DAP was a Chinese party.

Mahathir praised DAP Secretary-General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s convention speech for stressing that DAP upholds the federal constitution, including the constitutional monarchy, the special position of the Malays and the national language, and the position of Islam as the religion of the federation, where other religions may also be practiced.

Without knowing that UMNO’s first major Goebbellian propaganda offensive was afoot to accuse me of wanting to be Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Guan Eng in his convention speech reiterated the DAP stand that taking into account the political reality in the country, the party had never proposed to have a Chinese as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

As a result, UMNO’s first major Goebbellian propaganda offensive after Najib’s speech – the fake Cabinet line-up with me as Prime Minister and Finance Minister – was neutralised and even neutered before it could be fully launched to flood the social media!

This was the reason why Najib’s propagandists and cybertroopers had to devise a second major Goebbellian propaganda offensive as they had to abandon the lie that I wanted to be Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

The next best Goebbellian gambit was for the UMNO propagandists and cybertroopers to accuse me of wanting to be Deputy Prime Minister – hence the “DPM story” which had dominated the news in the past fortnight, starting with the fairy tale of my Dec. 3 meeting with Mahathir to strike a deal that Mukhriz will be Prime Minister and I the Deputy Prime Minister.

This fits completely into the Goebbelian definition “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”, as such a Dec. 3 meeting between Mahathir and myself never happened!

To give cover for the second Goebbellian gambit, Najib was again trotted out to declare in Kedah last Tuesday that regardless of whether DAP has the top government post, the party will still “call the shots” and run the show if UMNO/BN is defeated in the 14th General Election.

But the Achilles’ heel of UMNO’s second Goebbellian offensive against the DAP is not only that the Dec. 3 meeting between Mahathir and myself is a total fiction, DAP had never, whether in Pakatan Rakyat days or now with Pakatan Harapan with Pribumi Bersatu, asked for the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

When Tun Mahathir made the mistake of saying that he had previously heard the DAP asking for the DPM post, when in fact it was the MCA which had asked for the DPM post, Najib jumped in to make a denial that MCA had requested for the post of DPM.

Najib said throughout his tenure as the country’s number one leader, never once did the BN component party asked to be given the number two post.

Only over the weekend, a national MCA leader admitted that MCA had asked for the DPM post in 2009, which is also confirmed by the MCA newspaper, the Star, which reported in April 2009 that the MCA deputy secretary-general Datuk Loke Yueh Yow had urged Najib as the Prime Minister to appoint a Chinese DPM and a Barisan Nasional deputy chairman from the MCA.

I remember the MCA had asked for the post of DPM three times in the past five decades, but whether they were all like the 2009 occasion where the demand for DPM post for the MCA never reached the ears of the Prime Minister but appeared only in the Chinese media – it is left to the MCA leadership to clarify!

UMNO’s first and second major Goebbellian propaganda offensive against DAP to follow up on Najib’s UMNO Presidential speech on Nov. 30 to herald “fake news” and “false stories” in its campaign of fear, hate and bigotry to incite Malays to fear losing political power to the Chinese if Najib and UMNO are ejected from Putrajaya in the 14GE had failed and fallen flat on their faces.

What will be the third major Goebbellian propaganda offensive against the DAP and will they be as disastrous as the first and second UMNO Goebbellian manoeuvres?

Let’s wait and see. But it is sure to come, as night follows day.

I will call on UMNO’s Goebbels to come to the limelight and identify himself.

Who else would have the power to commission such a massive, high-powered and well-financed Goebellian operation, involving not only the Prime Minister himself, but also UMNO Ministers and leaders, UMNO outfits disguised as government institutions like Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (JASA), ambassadors who are political appointees, “soldiers of fortune” who are very well paid to spout lies and falsehoods, an army of UMNO cybertroopers and mercenary websites?

UMNO “mainstream media” are also under his thumb, despite their facing a crisis of existence, with one virtually bankrupt and asking UMNO to pay the staff salaries while another reduced to one-tenth of the circulation it once boasted at its hey-day domination of Malaysia print media.

UMNO’s Goebbels is not Najib or any UMNO Minister or leader, but a powerful behind-the-scene figure who may doing UMNO and Barisan Nasional the greatest national disservice and be finally responsible for Najib and UMNO’s downfall.

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Gelang Patah