Congrats Hashim Jasin for appointment as new Mursyidul Am PAS but he should not allow others to put words into his mouth

Congratulations to Hashim Jasin for his appointment as the new Mursyidul Am PAS but he should not allow others to put words into his mouth.

I refer to the Bernama report yesterday quoting Hashim as saying that PAS would never co-operate with DAP again and is willing to face three-cornered fights in the coming 14th general election.

He regarded PAS-DAP ties as beyond reconciliation alleging that DAP had “reneged on its agreement to cooperate with PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang”.

Hashim said the cooperation with DAP in GE13 was based on a conditional political approach while its cooperation with Umno was on the basis of Islamic unity.

“We do not want to repeat our mistake and be bitten twice in the same spot for resuming ties with DAP,” he told a press conference in Kangar.

The former Perlis PAS commissioner is entitled to his political views but he is not entitled to speak on matters he has no personal knowledge or to try to pass off untruths as truths.

I do not know what Hashim is talking about. It is clear that Hashim did not know what he was saying when he said that DAP had “reneged” on its agreement to co-operate with Hadi, when it was Hadi who had reneged on the Common Policy Framework agreed by PAS when forming Pakatan Rakyat.

For the information of Hashim, DAP had never broken our commitments and Pakatan Rakyat broke up not because DAP had defaulted on any solemn agreement DAP had undertaken.

Hashim should learn why Pakatan Harapan broke up instead of telling tall tales.

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Gelang Patah