Islam as a religion of peace, moderation, justice and harmony

Hari Raya 2016 will be held in a very sombre backdrop, both nationally and internationally.

On the eve of Hari Raya Aildifitri, the Police have confirmed that Malaysia is in the crosshair of Islamic State terrorism, with the attack on Movida nightclub in Puchong last Tuesday the first act of terror by Islamic State (IS) elements in the country and the arrest of 15 IS militants.

Internationally, there has been a wave of unprecedented Islamic State terrorist attacks killing hundreds of innocent lives, ranging from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Malaysia and the world must stand guard against extremist interpretations of Islam, like turning Ramadan from a month of restraint and reflection into a month of war and conquests or nearer home, the classification of DAP and non-Muslims as “kafir harbi” who could be slain.

Malaysia must show the world that Islam stands for moderation, peace, justice, harmony and not the bloody consequences of IS terrorism or the hatred, intolerance and bigotry of IS-like interpretation of Islamic doctrines and teachings.

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Gelang Patah