Statement Archive for October 2014

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2014-10-31 Gani Patail – what has happened to your Sept 9 promise to review the spate of sedition charges? Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-30 Its not dotard but Mahathir’s classic perverse illogic believing the end justifies the means – whether lies, sedition or even treason – causing him to defend Ibrahim’s Bible-burning threat Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-29 University of Malaya should withdraw its police report, admit it has made a colossal blunder in the campus lockdown and power black-out and enlist student/alumni/academician support to restore academic freedom to regain international repute for academic excellence Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-29 Call on Najib to announce a “zero tolerance” policy for any threat to burn any holy books of any religion in Malaysia to be a role model of moderation for other countries as part of his Global Movement of Moderates campaign Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-28 Lock-down/shut-down of University of Malaya to prevent Anwar from speaking to students is latest example of “first world infrastructure, third world mentality” afflicting our universities which will condemn the nation to a future of mediocrity Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-27 Adakah kita telah menipu dunia untuk mendapatkan undian yang begitu tinggi sebanyak 187 undi dan dilantik sebagai anggota tidak tetap Majlis Keselamatan PBB dengan penuh kepalsuan, kononnya Malaysia adalah contoh terbaik kesederhanaan sedangkan kesederhanaan sedang menerima serangan teruk Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-27 Did Malaysia take the world for a ride and won the highest-ever 187 votes to be elected non-permanent member of UNSC under false pretences that we are a role model for moderation when moderation is under unprecedented attack? Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-26 Is Najib so cruel, callous and heartless as to want Anwar to be jailed for 20 years and not released until he is an octogenarian? Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-26 Challenge to make Sabah a model of corruption-free administration instead of topping the list among the most corrupt administrations in Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-25 The day-and-night difference in anti-corruption efforts between Malaysia and Indonesia raises red flag that it is a matter of time before Malaysia will lag behind Indonesia as a country in fighting corruption Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-24 Will IGP Khalid now support IPCMC with police given right to appeal against conviction? Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-23 Gani Patail fuelling worst crisis of confidence in nation’s history over the role and powers of Attorney-General as a result of his silence over escalating controversy over non-prosecution of Ibrahim Ali on one hand and sedition blitzkrieg to create climate of fear on the other Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-22 Recent “pendatang” furore not only proof of failure of Najib’s 1Malaysia policy but 57 years of UMNO/BN Malaysian nation-building Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-22 Has Malaysia got the most powerful Attorney-General in the Commonwealth who is more powerful than the Prime Minister and Cabinet and is not bound by any principle of accountability to Parliament and the nation for the exercise of his discretionary powers Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-21 Deepavali Greetings Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-21 Nancy is right that Cabinet cannot decide prosecutions for AG but wrong when she implied Cabinet is impotent or must accept an AG guilty of selective or malicious prosecution Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-21 Latest poll on rebound of public support for Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor confirmation that Pakatan Rakyat can restore political momentum provided it can learn the right lessons from the self-inflicted wounds in the eight-month-long Selangor MB crisis Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-20 Najib is in danger of become a standing international joke as a schizophrenic Prime Minister who struts the international stage calling for a global movement of moderates but allows moderation to be trampled by extremists at home Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-19 Najib’s greatest disservice withinh 48 hours to Malaysia’s 187-vote election as non-permanent member of United Nation Security Council Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-18 Was lack of “tongkat ali” the reason why the Cabinet abdicated from its collective responsibility from taking a stand on Nancy’s parliamentary answer on why Ibrahim Ali was not prosecuted for his threat to burn the Malay-language Bible? Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-17 Cabinet must take collective Ministerial stand to endorse or dissociate from Nancy Shukri’s parliamentary answer that Ibrahim Ali is not prosecuted for his threat to burn Malay-language Bible as he was defending sanctity of Islam and protected by Article 11(4) of the Constitution Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-16 To end Nancy’s agony, the Cabinet tomorrow should (i) reaffirm Najib’s pledge to repeal the Sedition Act and (ii) drop all sedition charges in court Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-15 Zahid to be charged with sedition? Tell it to the Marines! Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-15 Is reasoning with Najib and UMNO/BN government about iniquities and injustices of Sedition Act a dialogue with the deaf? Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-14 Nancy Shukri has become the template for MCA and Gerakan Ministers seeking to deny the truth instead of facing up to harsh realities Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-13 Najib’s latest “You help me, I help you” variation at MCA General Assembly offensive and obnoxious for four reasons: run afoul of his pledge to be PM for all, 1Malaysia policy, Global Movement of Moderates initiative and pledge to make Malaysia world’s best democracy Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-12 Nancy Shukri should avail herself of making a Ministerial statement in Parliament to rectify two major errors she committed in Parliament last week Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-10 Najib’s 2015 Budget overshadowed by outrageous parliamentary replies and blatant government double standards in past three days Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-09 No joke, UM ranked among world-top 300 Universities in Times Higher Education ranking, but this UM is not University of Malaya but a university most Malaysians do not know Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-08 Will Najib mention in his 2015 Budget speech on Friday the exclusion of Malaysian universities from the THE Top 400 University Ranking for fifth successive year Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-07 Is Najib Razak the Prime Minister of a two-headed government – whose PM wants Malaysia to be the world “best democracy” but whose AG’s sedition spree aims to make Malaysia the world’s “worst democracy” Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-06 PR leadership council should meet during Parliament budget session to answer whether PR is still relevant and to restore public confidence Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-06 Hold a referendum to let the 50,000 undergraduates and post-graduate students of UM and UKM decide whether to join or boycott the THE university rankings Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-05 Najib’s wasatiyyah campaign would have no credibility unless he could rescue the Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) from the suspicion of a semi-underground organization inciting sedition, and take one step further, empower GMM to play a global role to mobilise world moderate opinion against Islamic State (IS) Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-04 Muhyiddin should initiate a review to end the policy of boycott of UM and UKM in the annual THE World University Rankings to demonstrate our seriousness in wanting to restore the international reputation and academic excellence of Malaysian universities Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-03 Congrats to BN-owned/controlled “mainstream mass media” in achieving a world record in ignoring THE World University Rankings 2014 for two consecutive days because not a single Malaysian university made it to the Top 400 universities list for fifth year Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-02 What is Najib and Muhyiddin going to do about the crying shame and national disgrace that not a single Malaysian university could get into the THE Top 400 World University Rankings 2014? Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-02 Gani Patail should explain why the sedition blitz has stepped up in pace and intensity after his Sept. 9 pledge to review the slew of sedition prosecutions Lim Kit Siang
2014-10-01 Latest rebuttals to the DPM and PM’s boasts of Malaysia as “world’s best democracy” and “world’s best education system” Lim Kit Siang