Feb 2012

29/02/2012 Does Mahathir also want a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the losses from the financial scandals during Tun Abdullah's five year premiership?   
28/02/2012 When Najib promises MACC more powers if BN wins 13GE with two-thirds majority, is it to carry out a more effective fight against corruption or to victimise PR leaders/activists like case of Teoh Beng Hock?  
27/02/2012 Mahathir past cascading into the Najib present - powerful reasons for full accounting for the RM100 billion “black hole” caused by Mahathir's financial scandals  
25/02/2012 Najib – is RM589 million out-of-court settlement of Tajudin Ramli’s debts proof Malaysians today are still paying for RM100 billion Mahathir financial scandals? 
24/02/2012 Time for a full audit and accounting of the RM100 billion losses in the financial scandals of the 22-year Mahathir premiership 
23/02/2012 Mahathir should not try to wriggle out of his responsibility to the nation to account for the MAS scandal
21/02/2012 Najib has completely demolished MCA lie that “A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS”
20/02/2012 BN political chicanery, mendacity and bankruptcy of first order with Chua Soi Lek warning Chinese voters “A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS” while Najib warning Malay voters “A vote for PAS is a vote for DAP”
18/02/2012 Sabahans entitled to a clear and unequivocal answer why Najib has not announced the formation of RCI on illegal immigrants in Sabah
15/02/2012 Indonesia and China may overtake Malaysia before 2020 in the annual Transparency International Corruption Perception Index both in ranking and score
14/02/2012 Whole reward-punishment system becomes topsy-turvy if a deal can be struck with Shahrizat's family
10/02/2012 Azmi should step down as PAC Chairman
09/02/2012 Let MPs have a free vote when Parliament reconvenes on 12th March on whether Shahrizat should resign as Minister for Women, Family and Community Development over the RM330 million NFC “cattle condo” scandal
08/02/2012 When will Najib go into the den of the extremists to preach the message of moderation – especially Utusan Malaysia and UMNO Supreme Council?
07/02/2012 Shahrizat returning to her first Cabinet meeting tomorrow after her 3-week leave triumphant or chastened?
06/02/2012 Shahrizat returns from leave with all guns blazing - not slayed the ghost of the “cattle condo” scandal but reared more monsters
03/02/2012 DAP calls on Najib to convene in mid-February a RoundTable Conference of all political parties, religions and NGOs
02/02/2012 In just two years, Najib has “given up the ghost” on his signature 1Malaysia policy
01/02/2012 PR MPs will remind Najib in the March Parliament to honour his solemn undertaking to leave “no stone unturned” to find out the truth about TBH’s death or face the censure of voters in next polls
01/02/2012 Hassan Ali talking as if he got more than a screw loose in his head