Jun 2011

30/06/2011 EC Deputy Chairman Wan Ahmad showed his true colours of lacking 3Is of independence, impartiality and integrity when he launched attacks on Bersih as Pakatan Rakyat “stooge”
29/06/2011 When will Hishammuddin or IGP announce that it is unlawful and a police arrestable offence for anyone to wear or sport yellow until July 9, because yellow is the colour of Bersih 2.0?
28/06/2011 Spectacle of Police invading Parliamentary precincts to take police statements from MPs a most deplorable precedent of violation of parliamentary privileges and must be condemned in strongest terms
28/06/2011 Najib GTP in past two years a depressing failure
26/06/2011 DAP calls for immediate release of the 30 PSM members
25/06/2011 PR’s 3 state targets in next ge: to retain 4 PR states, win back Perak and form government in 6 states of NS, Johore, Malacca, Pahang, Terengganu and Perlis
25/06/2011 Wearing Bersih 2.0 T-shirt more dangerous than Osama bin Laden?
24/06/2011 “Datuk T” trio’s gross abuse of process of the court – was it part of conspiracy involving Attorney-General and Police explaining the inordinate 3-month in delay charging the trio in court?
24/06/2011 Question of efficiency, independence and professionalism of AGC and Police haunting Malaysia's international image in a bigger way than any time in the past
23/06/2011 Cabinet should not sit on the Teoh Beng Hock RCI report but release it immediately to the public tomorrow in line with principles of accountability, transparency and good governance
23/06/2011 Would Hishammuddin have arrested his grandfather Datuk Onn Jaffar for organizing peaceful mass rallies and meetings resulting in formation of UMNO if the latter had been alive today?
22/06/2011 Ibrahim Ali as guilty as hell
22/06/2011 Federal Govt spending RM1.18 billion, Cabinet campaing in Sarawak and RM500 mil BN election outlay reasons for Bersih 2.0 rally
21/06/2011 Call on all leaders of BN component parties to join in the Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9
19/06/2011 “Smoking Gun” proof of Muhyiddin-Utusan conspiracy to subvert 1Malaysia concept
19/06/2011 “Creativity cannot be quantified” - Malaysians must thank their lucky stars, for it only costs RM1.8 million
18/06/2011 BN making fatal mistake if it starts new Sarawak State Assembly on wrong footing
15/06/2011 DAP masterminding UMNO for more than four decades?
14/06/2011 Usul tergempar atas kes Ahmad Sarbaini
12/06/2011 Najib should present ministerial statement in Parliament tomorrow on rationale and status of Bank Negara’s proposed merger between RHB Capital with Maybank or CIMB Group to create Southeast Asia’s biggest bank
12/06/2011 Motion to set up Opposition-headed Committee of Inquiry into Taib Mahmud’s “grand corruption” allegations should be first item of new Sarawak State Assembly business
11/06/2011 Najib cannot be more wrong as PAS polls outcome is a win for PR and a loss for UMNO
11/06/2011 Taib Mahmud should go on leave until MACC has cleared him of grave “grand corruption” allegations
11/06/2011 DAP Dayak Brain Trust to advise DAP Sarawak and DAP Malaysia to end Dayak marginalisation and spur Dayak awakening as integral part of Malaysian renaissance
10/06/2011 Notice of urgent Parliamentary motion next week on second MACC death esp report that Sarbaini had “no unusual or extraordinary wealth”
09/06/2011 AG and Police should accede to most reasonable request of Sarbaini’s family to reveal police probe into senior custom officer’s death at MACC before any inquest is decided upon
08/06/2011 Nazri’s claim that Hadi is gunning for PM’s job strikes discerning Malaysians as the latest example of debilitating loss of confidence enveloping UMNO and BN leaderships that they are on the last legs of power until 13th General Election
07/06/2011 Cabinet tomorrow should override Police and Attorney-General to establish RCI into Sarbani’s death as in case of Teoh Beng Hock to restore public confidence not only in national institutions but also Prime Minister and Cabinet
06/06/2011 Is Najib ready and prepared when Tahrir Square comes to Malaysia?
05/06/2011 To laugh or cry at Utusan Malaysia’s “garbage of all garbage” write-up today accusing me of being a mastermind in PAS party elections?
03/06/2011 From unsatisfactory inquest outcome in Teoh Beng Hock case, there should be a Royal Commission of Inquiry into Sarbaini’s death at MACC straightaway
02/06/2011 MCA among the greatest obstacles to realization of 1Malaysia