February 2011

18/02/2011 Najib's 1Malaysia is facing critical test when more and more warnings are made inside and outside the country that race and religious relations in Malaysia are at their worst since he became Prime Minister two years ago
17/02/2011 Refusal to set up IPCMC the strongest proof of continuing lack of political will to eradicate police abuses and corruption
16/02/2011 Malaysians sympathise and support the decision of Teoh Beng Hock family to pull out of Royal Commission of Inquiry as it has no confidence in its independence and professionalism
15/02/2011 Mahathir should make a greater effort to remember his astounding meeting before Operation Lalang mass arrests where he allegedly “met all of the opposition members and assured them that they would not be arrested” and come out with eye-witness accounts
12/02/2011 Would Opposition leaders have let off Mahathir for two decades if he had broken his assurance before Operation Lalang that they would not be arrested under the ISA?
10/02/2011 Present the New Economic Model (NEM) for formal adoption by Parliament next month if Muhyiddin’s denial that it had been “watered down” is to have any credibility
09/02/2011 Mahathir rewriting history - let him name the Opposition leaders he had met and given assurance that they would not be arrested but subsequently overruled by police in Operation Lalang?
05/02/2011 Withdraw sedition charge against Shuhaimi - first step to demonstrate Najib can learn from the lesson of Egyptian crisis
02/02/2011 PR should move on from Tenang to get support from all Malaysians for political change although MCA leaders are now claiming BN secured 50% Chinese voter support despite professional analysis that BN Chinese support had fallen to 32% in by-election
01/02/2011 Creating a harmonious, just, democratic and competitive nation remains the single greatest challenge of Malaysians