Dec 2011

30/12/2011 2012 NY message - Year to make Malaysians proud of being a Malaysian and motivate Malaysians to achieve greatness
22/12/2011 MACC should interrogate Shahrizat about the corruption scandals affecting all UMNO leaders
19/12/2011 Will 1Malaysia TV be the solution or the cause of the “information vacuum” plaguing government credibility?
16/12/2011 BN-controlled media have degenerated further to become “blackout papers”
15/12/2011 As UMNO President and Prime Minister, will Najib apologise for Utusan Malaysia's racist and defamatory attack on Lim Guan Eng and rein in Utusan's extremist and anti-1Malaysia rampage of lies and falsehoods?
13/12/2011 PM, MACC, Attorney-General and IGP must respond to the public demands for the arrest and criminal prosecution of Sarawak Chief Minister and 13 family members
10/12/2011 Not too late for Najib to heed the opposition of Malaysians and UN human rights experts to Peaceful Assembly Bill
09/12/2011 “Big results” delivered by anti-corruption NKRA in past 32 months are all negative
08/12/2011 Malaysia not only risk losing out on TI CPI to China in four years’ time, but also being left behind by more OIC and African countries in future
07/12/2011 Zaid is spot-on – UMNO General Assembly speeches portend dangerous trends in the nation’s politics as they make nonsense of Najib’s 1Malaysia call, New Economic Model and proposal for a “Global Movement of Moderates”
07/12/2011 From present TI CPI trend, China will overtake Malaysia as less corrupt country in four years' time by 2015, leaving Malaysia around the 80th ranking with a dismal low score below 4
06/12/2011 TI CPI 2011 on Malaysia's worst-ever 60th ranking and lowest-ever 4.3 score in 17 years cannot continue to be “the elephant in the room” and Malaysians expect appropriate response from Cabinet meeting tomorrow
04/12/2011 Challenge to Muhyiddin – substantiate his UMNO General Assembly speech that DAP wants to set up a Republic or apologise for the lie
04/12/2011 Najib's Transformation Programme in fighting corruption a major wash-out when TI CPI 2011 shows Malaysia in 2 1/2 years under the new Prime Minister is more corrupt than 5 years under Abdullah and 22 years under Mahathir
04/12/2011 Who lied – Najib/Muhyiddin or Chua Soi Lek? Or all three?