July 2010

31/07/2010 MCA Ministers and leaders should show at least equal concern for "Justice for 27 million Malaysians who are victims of the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal" than "Justice for Ling Liong Sik"
30/07/2010 Will Mahathir or any of his Ministers in 2002 Cabinet testify in court of being misled by Ling to approve Port Klang Authority's purchase of PKFZ land with 15-year repayment with compound interest instead of 10 years?
29/07/2010 Call for reports of the PKFZ scandal "super taskforce" to be made public to account for actions taken by Najib administration in past year
26/07/2010 Scrap the 10-yr-old Education Ministry circular restricting the formation of non-Muslim religious societies in schools as it is against 1Malaysia and the New Economic Model objective to educate a critical and creative generation of Malaysians
22/07/2010 Ketua Setiausaha Negara Sidek dirinya berasa kesal atas perlakuan "melampaui batas" dalam menyebelahi dan bukannya menegur Nik Ali sekeras-kerasnya kerana melanggar kod perkhidmatan kerajaan apabila muncul dalam sidang media UMNO untuk mengutuk Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang sebagai "biadab" dan "dayus"
22/07/2010 Chief Secretary Sidek himself guilty of being "excessive" in taking sides instead of reprimanding Nik Ali for doubly violating civil service code in appearing at Umno press conference to attack Penang Chief Minister as "biadap" (insolent or uncivilized) and "dayus" (coward)
21/07/2010 Make public the specific proposals made by the Sabah Chief Minister's Department Laboratory on the Management of Illegal Immigrants in Sabah
20/07/2010 Perdana Menteri dan Kabinet mesti menegur Nik Ali kerana melintasi batasan sebagai seorang kakitangan kerajaan teladan dengan menuduh Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang "biadap" dalam sidang media UMNO
20/07/2010 The Prime Minister and the Cabinet tomorrow must censure Nik Ali for crossing the line as a model civil servant in calling Penang Chief Minister "biadap" at an Umno press conference
20/07/2010 Former RMAF sergeant Thamendran's personal safety and welfare while he awaits trial for theft of two jet-fighter engines has again put national and international focus on "institutional degradation" which if not checked will cause Malaysia to become a failed state
16/07/2010 Is MACC's year-late condolence over Teoh Beng Hock's death genuine?
14/07/2010 Every Cabinet Minister and Barisan Nasional component party should take a stand - whether in support of Muhyiddin or Nazri on Perkasa and formation of Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan Perkasas
12/07/2010 Chinese Perkasa the most irresponsible and worse possible response by MCA to Perkasa
09/07/2010 Introduce 1Malaysia pledge on occasion of 53rd National Day for all participants, schools, universities, 1.2 million civil servants, Ministers, MPs and all Malaysians to be "Malaysian first and race, region, geographical region or socio-economic group second"
08/07/2010 Where is the report of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Corruption on the first year of operation of MACC which is to be tabled and debated in present meeting of Parliament?
05/07/2010 Muhyiddin should explain whether 1Malaysia is meaningless slogan or serious policy to make Malaysia more competitive by creating a nation where every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first and race second?
03/07/2010 What 1Malaysia is Najib talking about when there is a recrudescence of most baseless, irresponsible, vicious and racist-charged allegations to provoke racial fear and confrontation?
02/07/2010 Home Ministry's suspension of PKR organ Suara Keadilan - sign of double-pincer movement of clampdown on dissent and triumph of hardliners and extremist screaming of Suara Perkasa?
02/07/2010 Hi Sabahans in Klang Valley - Lets meet in PJ on Sunday 2 pm