December 2010

31/12/2010 2011 challenge of Malaysians - to unite and demand that they enjoy equal opportunity to earn a good living and provide a secure, happy life for each individual and the family
30/12/2010 Chief Secretary's appointment of Selangor State Secretary without consultation with Mentri Besar violation of both the spirit and letter of Selangor Constitution
26/12/2010 Najib is denying the undeniable when he claimed his 1Malaysia slogan is not political
24/12/2010 Selangor Exco should review its decision to ban the 1Malaysia logo from billboards to prove Muhyiddin wrong that Pakatan Rakyat is afraid of Najib's 1Malaysia concept which does not even have DPM's full support
20/12/2010 How can Najib expect his pitch for moderation to have any traction or credibility when the UMNO organ Utusan Malaysia is allowed to preach extremism with lies and falsehoods everyday?
17/12/2010 Five cardinal injustices perpetrated by outrageous Parliamentary six-month suspension of Anwar, Karpal, Azmin and Sivarasa
10/12/2010 Sad MCA leaders' grasp of Constitution and political principles so shallow - no wonder no MCA Minister dare to tell Muhyiddin that he was wrong and anti-1Malaysia in declaring he is Malay first and Malaysian second!
09/12/2010 "Can a Chinese become Deputy Prime Minister?" - shows up MCA true colours when MCA leaders could ask such a question!
08/12/2010 Malaysia lost a patriot with death of Fan Yew Teng in Bangkok yesterday
06/12/2010 Najib has degraded political discourse with his vicious attacks on Pakatan Rakyat as “anti-national”, “evil”, “despicable”, “very dangerous”, etc which can only boomerang on him and BN leaderst
04/12/2010 NEM (Part 2) cannot mark beginning of quantum leap for Malaysia to become developed, high-income, sustainable and inclusive nation when country is drowned by divisive cacophony like Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) calls contradicting Najib's 1Malaysia concept