November 2009

30/11/2009 Najib and Cabinet should do what is right – honour the Hatyai Agreement and allow Chin Peng home to visit his hometown in Sitiawan
30/11/2009 BTN should not only be revamped – heads must roll for the poisoning of a whole generation of Malaysian leaders, civil servants, university students
29/11/2009 Top Umno leaders should stop all double-talk, abandon race politics, be national leaders for all Malaysians or they should scrap and bury Najib’s seven-month-old 1Malaysia slogan and concept
28/11/2009 Call on Cabinet to set up an independent public inquiry into the BTN “brainwashing” to have public airing of its racist, anti-national and anti-1Malaysia courses over the years
27/11/2009 Close down Biro Tata Negara if Najib is serious, sincere and genuine about the 1Malaysia concept
26/11/2009 PAC must act fast –– prevent another multibillion-ringgit Matrade 2 scandal after the 10-year RM287 million Matrade 1 scandal
26/11/2009 Before telling the world the true Malaysian story, lets have the true story of Altantuya C4 murder
23/11/2009 Chief Secretary Sidek’s failure to carry out Cabinet decision of July 2007 to take action against culprits responsible for RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal a factor why Malaysia has worst ranking and score in 15 years in TI CPI 2009
22/11/2009 No open tender for deal building RM628m Matrade Centre for RM15 billion 65-acre prime KL land – dare Tsu Koon raise in Cabinet warning of adverse KPI/NKRA combating corruption?
20/11/2009 Najib should give iron-clad guarantee of personal safety of PI Bala to return to tell the truth of what he knows about C4 murder of Mongolian Altantuya
20/11/2009 Divyashree, one of three pupils drowned in Kuala Dipang bridge tragedy, scored 4 As 3 Bs in UPSR, had ambition to become orthopaedic surgeon
19/11/2009 Teoh Beng Hock would not have died if MACC had followed the law
19/11/2009 Another black day for Parliament and anti-corruption
18/11/2009 Heads must roll – starting with the resignation of the MACC Chief Commissioner Ahmad Said – for Malaysia’s worst single-year plunge in TI CPI ranking and score in past 15 years
17/11/2009 Major blow for Najib premiership – Malaysia’s worst ranking and score in 15 years in Transparency International Corruption Perception Index 2009
16/11/2009 Indonesia 100% corruption conviction rate against ikan yu – Malaysia 0%
16/11/2009 Who is lying – father (2nd PM Tun Razak) or son (6th PM Najib Razak)?
13/11/2009 MACC probing RM1.43 billion cost escalation of Rawang-Ipoh double-tracking rail project based on phantom PAC investigations?
08/11/2009 When will MACC command public confidence to the extent that Malaysians will publicly rally to its support against any obstruction of anti-corruption efforts as is happening in Indonesia?
06/11/2009 MACC should be censured for failing to bring to court those guilty of abuses of power and corruption in the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal although the first report was lodged as far back as 2004
05/11/2009 PAC report on PKFZ scandal revealed ongoing high-level conspiracy to suppress pertinent information about Ministerial and top governmental abuses of power and malpractices
04/11/2009 Attorney-General Gani Patail should resign unless he can explain why he failed to take action against former Transport Minister Chan Kong Choy for criminal breach of trust
01/11/2009 Test for 1Malaysia – Najib should ask Cabinet on Wednesday to revoke earlier decision to ban the use of word “Allah” for religions other than Islam