May 2009

31/05/2009 Are there enough courts and prisons for overwhelming majority of Malaysians who believe that Najib must be held responsible for the protracted Perak constitutional crisis?     
31/05/2009 PKFZ "Mother of all scandals" - 2nd set of 3 questions to OTK: will he agree to a RCI?      
30/05/2009 PwC report on RM12.5b PKFZ scandal - first 3 questions to Ong Tee Keat      
28/05/2009 PwC report on PKFZ Scandal – has it answers to five questions I posed to Ong Tee Keat on 9th April 2009?     
28/05/2009 Najib should put speculation to rest – Is Hamid Albar Petronas Chairman and Omar Ong Petronas non-executive Board director?     
28/05/2009 Indictment of IGP Musa Hassan's failure - Ah Longs beating and chaining victims like dogs in illegal prisons for months on end     
27/05/2009 Najib – stop current police madness, end debilitating Perak crisis and unite Malaysians to face world’s worst economic crisis with Malaysia in recession     
25/05/2009 Malaysian Ambassador to US - why Ghazzali and JJ on the short-list?     
24/05/2009 Najib is the primary target in Penanti by-election - referendum on his first 2 months as PM    
24/05/2009 Aung San Suu Kyi - AIPMC to meet in Bangkok to demand ASEAN governments take tough stand to secure her release    
24/05/2009 Emergency assembly an option to end Perak crisis? Forget about it Najib, impasse will get worse. Only option – hold elections now!    
24/05/2009 Education director-general bluffing when he suggested limiting students sitting SPM exam to not more than 10 subjects can transform the education system into a quality world-class one    
24/05/2009 Najib must apologise for what five previous Prime Ministers had not done – police raid on DAP Hqrs as if DAP is a terrorist organization like Al Maunah    
23/05/2009 Khir Toyo - Suspend him from Selangor State Assembly but not his assemblyman's allowances    
22/05/2009 5-minute finding (not judgment) of Ct of Appeal shot-gun session declaring Zambry lawful Perak MB - hydra-headed monster claims another victim    
22/05/2009 Hishammuddin should send the OCPDs of Brickfields and Ampang Jaya to a human rights sensitization course    
22/05/2009 Time for the government to be colour-blind and to end ethnic profiling for scholarships    
21/05/2009 ASEM FMM 9 should endorse the proposal for an international inquiry of 15 years of human rights abuses in Myanmar like those conducted for atrocities in Darfur, Rwanda and Yugoslavia   
21/05/2009 Zambry’s first Black 100 Days as squatter/usurper Perak MB – will Perak be Umno’s graveyard and Zambry the cause of Najib’s downfall as the last Umno PM?  
21/05/2009 RM12 billion PKFZ “can of worms” – Ong Tee Keat and MACC, what games are you playing?  
20/05/2009 Shad Faruqi’s article on Perak crisis becoming a “hydra-headed monster” should be compulsory reading for Najib and Cabinet 
20/05/2009 Wong Foon Meng will have to resign as MCA Secretary-General to become mini-term Senate President for eight months 
20/05/2009 RM12 billion PKFZ can of worms – time for it to be fully opened to the glare of Malaysian public and bring to book the culprits 
19/05/2009 PSD scholarships - can cabinet end the “oppression, injustice” suffered by top scorers? 
19/05/2009 Aung San Suu Kyi's trial - “Grave concern” by Thailand, ASEAN Chair welcome but grossly inadequate
19/05/2009 6As get PSD scholarship for engineering but 13, 14As no scholarships – whole Cabinet should be sacked for allowing such nonsense year in year out
19/05/2009 Is Najib prepared to emulate his father Razak and order Zambry to vacate and stop squatting in Perak MB Office
18/05/2009 Anifah broke new ground as Foreign Minister - admit internationally Najib’s credibility problem because of Mongolian C4 murder case
17/05/2009 Aung San Suu Kyi's Monday trial - Malaysian Cabinet should condemn Myanmar junta on Wednesday
17/05/2009 BN SC tomorrow - dare UMNO, MCA, Gerakan and MIC leaders speak the truth to Najib to cut losses in Perak and face state general election?
17/05/2009 I will be fair to PSD director-general and he must be fair to all PSD scholarship applicants
17/05/2009 Is JJ the best choice for the plum appointment of Malaysian Ambassador to the United States?
16/05/2009 Najib improperly intefering with Court of Appeal hearing on Nizar vs Zambry case
15/05/2009 ASSK's Monday trial - Malaysia/ASEAN should pressure Myanmar junta as ASEAN Charter should not be human rights "whitewash"
15/05/2009 Unfair award of PSD scholarships - suspend PSD DG for insurbordination or Ong Tee Keat should resign as Minister for failure to implement Cabinet policy decided in March
14/05/2009 Perak crisis has become national crisis - PR leaders meeting today
13/05/2009 No more "May 13" spectre - now its "May 7" spectre!
13/05/2009 Can Malaysians expect justice in cases involving top Umno leaders when there is an Umno Chief Justice, Tan Sri Zaki Azmi?
13/05/2009 Zambry (self-claimed 3-in-1 Mandela, Gandhi, King) returns to SUK as a doubly illegitimate Perak MB
13/05/2009 Return of Mahathirism – footage of Perak Speaker dragged out of Assembly on May 7 Day of Infamy banned from being aired on television stations
12/05/2009 Perak in limbo with no Mentri Besar – PR lawyers to set aside Court of Appeal single-judge “stay” decision
12/05/2009 Perak has no one who can legitimately occupy the MB's office
12/05/2009 Najib - cut losses and hold Perak state elections or he will fail his "important quest" to regain public trust
12/05/2009 Hishammuddin - revoke all the ISA conditions imposed on Manoharan and 4 Hindraf leaders
11/05/2009 Najib's "open mind" to resolve Perak constitutional/political crisis with PR leaders "refreshing"
11/05/2009 RM12 billion PKFZ scandal - stop appointing MCA lackeys as PKA Chairman
10/05/2009 Why Najib's good Vesak Day message fell flat
09/05/2009 12 billion PKFZ scandal - six times bigger than RM2.5 billion BMF scandal of Mahathir
09/05/2009 Remove restrictive ISA release conditions, lift ban on Hindraf and appoint Uthayakuma as member of Royal Commission into marginalisation of Malaysian Indians
08/05/2009 Hishammuddin more incompetent than Hamid Albar as Home Minister, requring longer time to release 13 ISA detainees?
08/05/2009 OTK - resign as Transport Minister if cannot honour pledge to "tell all" and release PwC report on PKFZ scandal
08/05/2009 Release of ISA 13, including Hindraf 3 - why not today?
08/05/2009 Day of Infamy - Malaysians should keep photos and video clips
07/05/2009 Najib’s 1Malaysia shredded into smithereens by the disgraceful police lockdown of Ipoh and the scandalous spectacle of two Speakers and two Assemblies
06/05/2009 Appeal to Perak Sultan to dissolve Perak State Assembly to end the three-month constitutional and political stalemate in Perak
06/05/2009 Wong Chin Huat’s arrest – would Najib’s police detain Mahatma Gandhi for his civil disobedience campaign if the “Great-Souled” Indian is alive in Malaysia today?
05/05/2009 Najib and Altantuya murder case - KSK, OTK or any Minister dare to raise RPK's latest blog in Cabinet tomorrow?
05/05/2009 Ipoh Police - don't prop up usurper Zambry's hocus pocus May 7 State Assembly proceedings
05/05/2009 No more claptrap about ISA reform – Najib should first release all ISA detainees, close down Kamunting centre and suspend ISA for two years pending repeal or review
04/05/2009 Star! Oh Star! At least be a smart party hack!
04/05/2009 2009 World Press Freedom Day this year marked in a totally different spirit from the past decade
03/05/2009 Liow Tiong Lai’s IQ is highly suspect when he could not understand simple English
02/05/2009 Release Manoharan, Uthayakumar, Vasanthakumar under ISA or "1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now" is just a joke
02/05/2009 Zambry - don't rewrite history to justify his appointment as "People Last" usurper Perak MB
02/05/2009 Time for IGP Musa to resign when crime rampages beyond police control until even the JB South OCPD is tied up and robbed at knife point in his house
01/05/2009 Zambry should stop being a “caveman” Mentri Besar of Flintstones era and wake up to the age of Internet and new media
01/05/2009 Invalid Islamic conversion of Indira’s three children - MCA/Gerakan should stop politics of opportunism/hypocrisya