March 2009

31/03/2009 Ban "Altantuya" name - Najib crackdown bordering on Najib madness
30/03/2009 Bukit Gantang by-election – three historic missions of the voters
27/03/2009 2nd issue Najib must declare tomorrow - set up RCI to clear his name on Altantuya murder case and mega defence commissions
26/03/2009 Abdullah’s warning against return of Mahathirism – Will Najib scotch talk of imminent ISA arrest of Anwar?
24/03/2009 The start of the Najib crackdown?
22/03/2009 Parliament should be extended for another week or a special sitting should be held in April to debate confidence motion on the new Prime Minister
21/03/2009 Who will investigate MACC Chief Commissioner Ahmad Said for abuse of powers and charge him for “corruption”?
21/03/2009 Ali Rustam just don’t get it why he should resign as Malacca Chief Minister – he should seek enlightenment from Mahathir
19/03/2009 Najib Countdown – double meaning for “N” in the RAHMAN prophecy
14/03/2009 Double jeopardy - Motion to suspend Gobind for one year without pay against parliamentary Standing Orders
09/03/2009 Wow! MCA Minister and Deputy Minister publicly telling the “lame-duck” PM and UMNO President to buzz off!
05/03/2009 MACC proving it is just UMNO catspaw when it clears Umno of money politics
04/03/2009 Raintree Perak Assembly - Najib's crisis of legitimacy as 6th PM
03/03/2009 Perak State Assembly under a rain-tree – history made
01/03/2009 Najib’s unethical and unconstitutional power grab in Perak may sow the seeds for his downfall as the sixth Prime Minister