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Speech by Lim Kit Siang in Parliament on the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (SIAP) Bill 2009 on Monday, 29th June 2009: 

What can SIAP do with regard to R K Krishnansamy on the police non-action on the murder of his father, former Tenggaroh Assemblyman and Johore MIC leader Datuk S. Krishnansamy on 11.1.08?

This is the email from Raj Kumar Krishnansamy on the murder of his father Datuk S. Krishnasamy, former Tenggaroh assemblyman and Johore MIC leader Datuk S. Krishnasamy on 11th January 2008, (with various names deleted).

I want to ask what SIAP could do with such a complaint as it is likely to be utterly helpless and powerless to do anything,unlike the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) as proposed by the Royal Police Commission as the key of the 125 recommendations to create a Malaysian police service which is efficient, professional, incorruptible and world-class.

R.K. Krishnasamy´┐Żs email on the murder of his father Datuk S.Krishnasamy reads:

Below is a synopsis of the case since Jan11, 2008.

My father was the state Deputy MIC Chairman. A week before his murder, there was a lot of newspaper articles(Malaysia Nanban) that my father is planning to challenge the current Chairman, Datuk KS Balakrishnan and become the next state chairman. Datuk KS Balakrishnan's son is Pannir Selvam. He was appointed by Datuk Bala to be the state MIC youth deputy chief. This was a move that my father objected as his son did not have the right character for the position. Both father and son could not go along with my father.

My father went into the lift after lunch at abt 2.20pm. He received a call while he was in the restaurant,then he left the restaurant to the office. Who called him, still a mystery till today as police do not want to reveal it.

Upon arrival, he went into the lift. It was in the lift that he was shot.

We do not know who shot him as the security guard was sent to the next building. Why the next building? The guard was sent to give something to Datuk Bala's personal secretary. The one who sent the guard was [deleted]. She is also the MIC office clerk and Datuk Bala's "close friend" for 20years. She specifically told the guard to sent the letter and buy food for her at 2.20pm. Lunch time was at 12noon, why sent him at 2.20pm. The police does not want to answer to this. Why use the guard to sent a letter to Datuk Bala's secretary when Datuk Bala would be in the office at 2.30pm, the police do not want talk about it.

Suprisingly, the gunman knew the MIC building very well. Who brought him in there? How did he know about a meeting that is only known to bahagian leaders only? Police does not want to reveal.

She was arrested under remand for 2 weeks and surprisingly, she could afford to hire the best defense lawyer[deleted] along with 8 other lawyers to defend her from the police. Who paid for the 9 lawyers remain a mystery as police do not want to reveal it. Why the "big shot" paid for the 9 lawyers? Why did she send the security guard off at that time, police do not want to answer it. The police has been tight-lipped from day one.

My sister and her husband went to JB police station every week to ask about the case. But during one of her trip there, she was followed by 3 indian guys in a 4 wheel drive. They would park outside her apmt and ask worund the neighbours about my brother in law. The guys were caught in the security CCTV camera and a report was launched with Johor police. But surprisingly, after the CD and report, no action was taken. Who are the 3 guys, why were they harrassing my sister and her family, why are the police so quiet about the 3 guys till today?

Then the guy from Kluang, [deleted] a MIC leader was arrested. He was having some problem with my father before and a very close friend to Pannir and Datuk Bala. However, he was released after 2 weeks. This guy, after being released, bragged to his friends in Kluang, how the police was scared of him and how powerful he is in Johor. When we asked police about this, the only answer that we got is that they will look at it again.Till this day, there is no answer from the police.

Then Pannir got arrested under remand and after his remand, he got arrested under EO. Within a few hours of his arrest under EO, he was released middle of the night. But when we called police, they told us "No Comments". That was when all the other suspects were released and the police told us that they lost the case. They will wait till any new evidence comes in.

The police has never told us anything about the progress of the case. Everytime we meet the police, it must bad news like the fingerprints were not usable, but they do not tell us why. The bullet could not help at all, i do not why as well.

The prime suspect [deleted] was recently appointed MBJB as a city councillor.

*Lim Kit Siang, DAP Parliamentary leader & MP for Ipoh Timor



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