June 2008

28/06/2008 9MP Midterm Review - Tsu Koon's 'beggar politics'
25/06/2008 RPK SD on Altantuya murder – time for Abdullah and Najib to have new advisers
21/06/2008 RPK's bombshell allegation on Altantuya murder - Abdullah, Najib, Rosmah cannot remain silent
20/06/2008 Govt motion on price increases on Monday can be turned into "no confidence motion" if there are the numbers
19/06/2008 No confidence motion - will incipient revolt by BN MPs in support of Yong Teck Lee be crushed by BN SC emergency meeting?
18/06/2008 SAPP bombshell - a second political tsunami in next few days?
13/06/2008 "Boot camp for judges" - Mahathir should speak up
11/06/2008 Sanusi sacked as UIA President - Abdullah not ready for '1st-world infrastructure, 1st-world mentality'
10/06/2008 Why not slash entertainment allowances of Cabinet Ministers by 50%?
05/06/2008 PM should seek Parliament approval on June 23 for hefty oil price increases