April 2008

25/04/2008 Lee Kah Choon saga - opportunity lost for BN leaders after March 8 'political tsunami
24/04/2008 Renewal of Makkal Osai welcomed - now for immediate release of Hindraf 5
21/04/2008 Anti-Corruption reform - Abdullah pre-empting parliamary question directed to him next week
18/04/2008 Goodwill ex gratia payments to Anwar, Guan Eng, Syed Ahmad Idid and Operation Lalang ISA detainees?
18/04/2008 PM's judicial reform speech - disappointing
16/04/2008 Tamil Makkalosai suspended for a week - beginning of crackdown post-March 8?
16/04/2008 Send Uthayakumar to IJN - Abdullah should heed the plea of his mother
16/04/2008 DAP welcomes signs of imminent judicial reforms
13/04/2008 Pakatan Rakyat MPs will support judicial and other belated institutional reforms
12/04/2008 Islamic state - MCA/Gerakan should stop hypocrisy and double standards
12/04/2008 Hishammuddin's insensitive, irresponsible and provocative 'Malay keris' antics - public apology awaited
11/04/2008 Public inquiry into RM70 million HPTC folly - object lesson to all Ministers and MPs on do's and don'ts of good governance
11/04/2008 RM4.6 b PKFZ scandal - third Transport Minister to be marred and tarred?
10/04/2008 Judicial renaissance - start with retirement of judges who deliver 'cut-n-paste' judgments and those written by others
09/04/2008 RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal - 5 questions Ong Tee Kiat must now answer
08/04/2008 Abdullah found belated political will or just 'reform sloganeering' against Mahathir?
05/04/2008 Shabery Cheek's admission of ISA abuses - immediate release of Hindraf 5 and Inquiry Commission into 1987 Ops Lalang
02/04/2008 Hindraf 5 ISA detention - Hamid single-handedly destroying Abdullah's reputatuion