March 2007

31/03/2007 Consult PSCI on appointment of new ACA DG
30/03/2007 Is IGP heading police investigation into Zulkipli by "remote control"?
29/03/2007 Ulu Yam land fraud cases - Azmi must end Adorna, post-Adorna and Adorna-like injustices/malpracties in land law and administration
29/03/2007 New Police Vision re-branding - proof of pudding in the eating
28/03/2007 With MUST regarded as success, what hope for future of quality higher education?
28/03/2007 10 recommendations of Royal Police Commission, like IPCMC, disappeared into a "black hole"?
27/03/2007 Azmi Khalid, end 3-yr sleeping - gross injustice of Adorna case of forgery and fraudulent land transfer
26/03/2007 Harvard University task force to improve public service delivery - waste of public funds?
25/03/2007 IRD should not harass or bar defaulters from bona fide foreign trips
25/03/2007 Ambulances run out of petrol - Yusnita Abas another avoidable death
24/03/2007 PSCI hearing for Zulkipli/Ramli - review on Tuesday
24/03/2007 Judges who accept bribes - Fairuz must take action or resign as CJ
22/03/2007 Thank On The Royal Address (Part 6) - questions on FTA for Rafidah
22/03/2007 Thank On The Royal Address (Part 5) - end NEP of quotas and ethnic percentages
22/03/2007 Thank On The Royal Address (Part 4) - Bangsa Malaysia remains the objective of the government?
21/03/2007 Thank On The Royal Address (Part 3) - any new government initiative for Abdullah to �walk the talk�?
21/03/2007 Thank On The Royal Address (Part 2) - Fu Ah Kow playing role of �super media editor�
21/03/2007 Thank On The Royal Address  (Part 1) - Make 50th Merdeka Anniversary really meaningful
17/03/2007 Royal Address Monday - will PM redeems failures of past 40 months to "walk the talk" of reform?
16/03/2007 RM2 billion spent on National Service - be a model of integrity
15/03/2007 Ramli's "cold-storage" for investigating Kasitah - Mahathir should agree to appear before PSCI to promote culture of integrity
14/03/2007 Corruption ranking - Malaysia heading south: No 50 in TI CPI 2007 on Malaysia's 50th national anniversary?
13/03/2007 PM - deliver Mission 2004 before trotting out Mission 2057!
11/03/2007 "Free fall of institutions" - can PSCI prove Tun Hanif wrong?
11/03/2007 BN Supreme Council meeting - any BN leader dare to raise hottest topic in the country?
10/03/2007 NS mishaps and disasters - whistleblower Zulkarnain sacked instantly
10/03/2007 PSC Integrity meeting on Monday - Zulkipli and Ramli should voluntarily attend
09/03/2007 Is Zulkifli the cause for the cancellation of the PSCI meeting on Monday?
08/03/2007 Monday PSCI meeting on Zulkifli/Ramli cancelled because of ulterior and improper pressures?
08/03/2007 Combat corruption - last opportunity for Abdullah to prove he means business
07/03/2007 Lift ban on Amir and Tsai Ming-liang films to give meaning to 50th Merdeka Anniversary
06/03/2007 "Freedom for Sale" scandal - IGP and Dy Minister forced to "smoke peace-pipe"
06/03/2007 RM149 billion KLSE losses in 5 days - PM/Ministers not stock market consultants
05/03/2007 WR 2007 - Best-ranked Malaysian university USM (1193) behind eight Thai and two Indonesian universities
05/03/2007 RM5 million "Freedom for Sale" scandal - call for Royal Commission of Inquiry
05/03/2007 ACA trying to derail task force investigations into ACA chief's corruption allegations?
04/03/2007 ACA DG Zulkipli's three declarations of assets do not tally with two vettings stated by PM
04/03/2007 RM5 million for freedom from EO detention - Deputy Minister alleged must go on indefinite leave until cleared
03/03/2007 "Judges who accept bribes" - Ahmad Fairuz must take action or step down as Chief Justice
03/03/2007 Malaysian universities out of international radar - 4th year omitted in WR 3,000 Premier Universities ranking
02/03/2007 Corruption allegations against ACA DG - AG and IGP should also appear before PSCI
01/03/2007 Sack Zulkpli as ACA DG for telling lie that he had been cleared of serious corruption allegations