July 2007

31/07/2007 Welcome Jeff Ooi to DAP - let it be a catalyst for more bloggers to take political stand
30/07/2007 Another brutal crime in Ipoh
30/07/2007 Is Abdullah strictly liable for seditious postings on PMO website?
27/07/2007 Parliamentary Roundtable - reaffirm Malaysia is a secular state with Islam as the official religion and not an Islamic State
27/07/2007 RM27m cop, RM34m cop and corruption allegations against top cops - Is IGP Musa prepared for independent inquiry
26/07/2007 8-hr questioning of RPK - Police nothing better to do?
25/07/2007 Have 3 generations of Malaysians been living under a lie in the past 50 years?
25/07/2007 Malaysian Parliament now the world's No. 1 anti-bloggers Parliament?
24/07/2007 Will police be equally diligent to investigate a report against Najib under Sedition Act for his "717 Declaration"?
23/07/2007 Axe finally coming down in Malaysian cyberspace - after Raja Petra, who's next?
23/07/2007 Any MCA Senator who dare to remind Najib/Hishammuddin the first 3 PMs rejected Islamic State?
23/07/2007 Appoint Minister with 24/7 responsibility for "all-out war against crime" - give him 6 months to show results or step down from Cabinet
21/07/2007 Hishammuddin's "no more statement that Malaysia is secular state" warning and power-grab by publications unit
20/07/2007 Mainstream media ban on Najib's "717 Declaration" - to save MCA for jettisoning Merdeka social contract?
19/07/2007 Independent inquiry - whether Najib negligent in not phasing out Nuri helicopters earlier
19/07/2007 Great letdown - Cabinet failure to reaffirm Malaysia is a secular and not Islamic state
18/07/2007 Nuri helicopters - is it right to risk lives of air force personnel if Defence Minister and VVIPs find them too dangerous to use?
18/07/2007 Challenge to IGP - implement Royal Commission proposal of minimum 20% decrease of crime index in 12 months
17/07/2007 Malaysian an Islamic state - Najib repudiating first three PMs on meaning of Merdeka social contract
17/07/2007 8.2 cases of rape a day reported in first 6 months this year - compared to 4 cases in 2003 and 6.7 cases in 2006
16/07/2007 Release Nat Tan now - "investigate then arrest" and not "arrest then investigate"
16/07/2007 Crime and fear of crime worse than before Royal Police Commission period
14/07/2007 Why with pay increase, police cannot assure public they are and feel safer in homes and communities
14/07/2007 Abdullah should intervene to "Free Nat Now" so that 50th Merdeka anniversary will not start infamously
13/07/2007 Caucus public hearing in BM - let IGP declare police have no objection to media coverage
13/07/2007 Apologies demand - Noh Omar for gangsterish conduct and Hishammuddin for racist/baseless insinuation
12/07/2007 Caucus public hearing becomes "closed session" - Police not prepared to be people-responsive
11/07/2007 Anti-corruption record in tatters - top leaders caught in maze of corruption allegations
10/07/2007 Paradigm shift - from "Policing for government" to "Policing for People"
09/07/2007 Message of PM's "I don't know" confession - NIP fallen to bottom of his agenda
08/07/2007 "Policing for People" - police revolution needed
07/07/2007 Let JB be national test case - whether can wipe ouf "fear of crime" before it spreads further
06/07/2007 Is JB crime under control - or must people cross causeway to Singapore to feel safe?
04/07/2007 Two greater maturity developments on occasion of 50th Merdeka anniversary most welcome
04/07/2007 �Criminals to fear police every second� - IPCMC critical test
04/07/2007 Parliamentary caucus hearings - restore to Malaysians freedom from crime and fear of crime
02/07/2007 Pak Lah rejects 8-year press freedom memo by 1,000 journalists?
01/07/2007 Najib to "check" on corruption allegations against IGP - what next?
01/07/2007 JB crime under control? - speak up at public hearing of Parliamentary Human Rights Caucus in JB on Sunday