January 2007

31/01/2007 Worsening crime index past 3 years - another major flop of Abdullah
29/01/2007 Toll and OSA - Samy Vellu encroaching on the constitutional independence of AG
28/01/2007 Gani Patail - how many botched prosecutions since 2002?
28/01/2007 Abdullah's election majority - mandate to honour and not break his pledges
27/01/2007 March Parliament - how many new national, Chinese and Tamil primary schools under 9MP
26/01/2007 Botched high-profile murder trials - independent commission of inquiry
26/01/2007 Cabinet cult of secrecy - soprano PM singing alone again?
25/01/2007 Shoddy police investigation and prosecution in high-profile cases?
25/01/2007 Revised ethnic relations module - no proper consultation and withheld from Parliament Select Committee on National Unity
21/01/2007 Najib � Clear the air now on the Abdul Razak-Altantunya murder case
20/01/2007 Syabas concession OSA - why Keng Yaik chop-and-change stand?
19/01/2007 Public inquiry into high fatalities rate of NS trainees/trainers
19/01/2007 585 civil servants - ACA must furnish more details
18/01/2007 K. Ramasen - a great Malaysian son for justice and equality
18/01/2007 Jeff Ooi/Rocky Bru sued - the far-reaching implications
17/01/2007 National Education Blueprint - first official document to abandon "Bangsa Malaysia" concept/objective.
16/01/2007 Dr. Rebecca in MITI - only case of meritocracy performance in civil service in past 3 years?
15/01/2007 Raising USD50 billion for 9MP projects through two dubious companies?
12/01/2007 PM Abdullah Rip Van Winkle?
11/01/2007 Altantunya murder - Abdullah should order full investigations
10/01/2007 LDP concession agreement - Abdullah�s threat to use OSA very disappointing
09/01/2007 Abdullah must be a "the buck ends here" PM and not be a soprano or cry-baby
08/01/2007 Lorry hijacking - Police bumbling, bungling and utter lawlessness
05/01/2007 Civil servants to blame for Abdullah's blank 3-year report card as PM? Facile and cowardly answer
05/01/2007 Why Hishammuddin scrapped Musa's flagship education reforms?
04/01/2007 Samy Vellu dreaming or suffering from amnesa?
03/01/2007 Hishammuddin's "National Education Blueprint 2006-2010" is Abdullah's "education revolution"?
01/01/2007 2007 starts with "black eye" for Abdullah