December 2006

31/12/2006 Let Malaysians have a joint 2007 New Year-50th Merdeka Anniversary Resolution
30/12/2006 Ransom money before rescue flood victims - independent inquiry must be held
29/12/2006 Health Minister happy with 30-minute ambulance response time?
29/12/2006 Massive floods - independent inquiry in disaster management, preparation, prevention and mitigation
23/12/2006 Independent inquiry into monster floods - horror stories of inhumanity and greed
22/12/2006 Anti-Japanese memorial controversy - another insensitivity after "fire and brimstone" Umno GA
21/12/2006 Avoidable death of Mohd Yusry - Chua Soi Lek's response as outrageous as non-appearing ambulance
19/12/2006 Cabinet - rise above "half-past six" stigma and forestall new exodus of Malaysian talents
19/12/2006 "The world is flat" concept alien and unacceptable to Umno leaders
17/12/2006 New Social Contract for next half-century - united and towering Malaysians
16/12/2006 RM600 million bonanza to Umno divisions - most blatant political corruption
15/12/2006 Letter to PM - let Mohd Yusry be last accident victim to die because of public service carelessness
12/12/2006 MUST a flop of "smart partnership with 10 students after 5 years - Mustapha misled Parliament
08/12/2006 National unity - Hishammuddin is the problem not the solution
07/12/2006 Deep soul-searching - why race relations "not good, brittle and fragile"
06/12/2006 Article 121(1A) - All MCA,Gerakan, MIC MPs who voted for it 18 years ago must speak up
06/12/2006 RM500 million donation to Cambridge University - "no smoke without fire"
05/12/2006 Amend Article 121(1A) - Samy Vellu/Keng Yaik should speak up in Cabinet
04/12/2006 Further pall on 50th Merdeka celebrations next year
03/12/2006 Clampdown on internet and blogs?
02/12/2006 Umno GA seditious speeches - "verbal ticking off" end of the matter?