August 2006

31/08/2006 RM48 million Customs uniform scandal � let the chips fall where they may
30/08/2006 A somber 49th National Day marred by irresponsible race politicking
30/08/2006 Has Mohd Said�s �close-one-eye� scandal ended up as �close-both-eyes� scandal for the government?
28/08/2006 Parliamentary Select Committee on FTAs should be informed to safeguard national interets
28/08/2006 Why is the Finance Minister not prepared to discharge his ministerial responsibility to be answerable
28/08/2006 Call on Abdullah to announce the establishment of the IPCMC in his budget speech
28/08/2006 Why has MAS created 141 �half-millionaires� in its MSS exercise
28/08/2006 Azalina had committed a grave breach of parliamentary privilege in withholding information from Parliament
25/08/2006 Kong Choy faces risk of a RM10-salary cut motion in  the budget meeting of Parliament
25/08/2006 Five-minute speech on Malek Imtiaz, Khairy and Rafidah Aziz
22/08/2006 Abdullah�s first �White Elephant� Project (London Sports Centre) � Azalina�s �Tai Chi� in Parliament
21/08/2006 IPCMC � �bellyache� of a reply by Deputy Internal Security Minister
18/08/2006 Another blank for Malaysia � again omitted fourth year in Shanghai Jiao Tong 500 World U-Ranking 2006
18/08/2006 Call on Abdullah to give categorical answer on IPCMC
17/08/2006 Malaysian universities completely left out in the new Newsweek Top 100 Global Universities ranking
17/08/2006 Implementation of the controversial sections in the Private Healthcare Facilities
16/08/2006 Call on Ministers, MPs and civil society to support for re-examination of the 1988 judicial crisis
16/08/2006 Why did the RM70-100 million-a-year concession to security-label for locally-made cigarettes change hands?
15/08/2006 Cabinet should declassify all documents related to the crooked half bridge, APs and Proton
14/08/2006 Which GLC had offered to buy over Khairy�s ECM Libra Avenue shares?
13/08/2006 When former IGP and family are also afraid of their personal  safety in the streets
12/08/2006 Who is �Iblis� � Mahathir or Kok Lanas Abdullah, Ibrahim Ali and Matthias Chang?
12/08/2006 Call on Abdullah to designate a Minister with the task within 12 months to reduce traumatic crimes
10/08/2006 Abdullah should not allow Mahathir to �turn the table� and hijack the anti-corruption halo
10/08/2006 Mahathir must apologise to the nation for masterminding Operation Lalang
09/08/2006 End Malaysiakini investigations and devote total police resources to free Malaysians from crime
09/08/2006 Abdullah has  more to fear from his sycophants than his critics
05/08/2006 Zainuddin doing nation a great disservice
05/08/2006 Whether MAS is giving half-million ringgit �golden handshakes� to a select few
03/08/2006 KTAR student Lee Kean Yip must  not die in vain
02/08/2006 PricewaterhouseCoopers Report on Proton should be tabled in Parliament
02/08/2006 �Out-Mahathiring Mahathir� by launching a crackdown on Internet freedom
01/08/2006 Increase of MAS airfares could not have come at a worse time